XMAX STARRY 4 Review & Unboxing

XMAX Starry 4 Review

Hey there fellow vapers! If you’ve been following my vaporizer reviews, you know that I’ve vaped my way through everything from the luxe to the basic. Today, I’m diving deep into TopGreen’s new XMAX STARRY 4 which is a bit different compared to the V3 Nano and RIGGO. With its modern look and a price tag that’s friendly on the wallet, is it worth adding to your collection? Let’s get to it.

Where To Buy The Starry 4

  • POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer Unit
  • Exclusive POTV Offer: Samsung 3200mah battery
  • Charging Companion: USB-C Cable
  • Essential Cleaning Toolkit: Tool, Brush, and Cotton Swabs
  • For the Perfect Pack: Packing Tool
  • Seal the Deal: 2 Mouthpiece O-rings
  • A Clearer Path: 2 Chamber Mesh Screens
  • Sharing Made Simple: 2 Silicone Caps for the Mouthpiece
  • Spotless Sessions: 4 Alcohol-Soaked Cotton Pads
  • Navigating Your Device: User Manual
  • Capsule of Convenience: 1 Dosing Cap

What’s In The Box?

Unveiling the contents of the Starry 4 Vaporizer leads to a treasure trove for any vape enthusiast. I found the inclusion of the new mouthpiece silicone caps a total game-changer for sharing sessions, while the dosing capsule is a neat addition for keeping things tidy and maintenance a breeze.

With everything at my fingertips from the get-go, the Starry 4 experience is set up to be intuitive, clean, and completely satisfying.

Design & Aesthetics

X-Max Starry 4 Colors

Right off the bat, the STARRY 4 screams sleek. Compact in design, measuring just 115.9 x 37.5 x 24mm, it’s the perfect palm-sized companion for on-the-go vaping. The aluminum casing not only feels premium but also keeps the unit light. But it’s the OLED screen that steals the show – crisp, clear, and even comes with a flip display. It’s the little details that count.

Performance and Heating

This beauty packs a ceramic heating chamber with an embedded heating element. Ceramic chambers are the way to go if you’re chasing pure, untainted flavor. And the embedded element? Think rapid heat-ups and consistent temperatures. Speaking of which, with a range of 100℃-240℃ (212℉-464℉), whether you like it cool and flavorful or hot and intense, the STARRY 4‘s got you.

Heating Chamber & Dosing Capsule Insight

The Herbal Chamber: My exploration into the Starry 4’s chamber revealed it’s quite the little roomy haven for your greens. You can snugly fit around 0.25 grams of your favorite flower if you’re aiming for a full pack, which is slightly more generous than the standard 0.2 grams most chambers hold. But hey, you don’t always need to max it out – a lighter pack works just as fine for those more mellow moments.

Dosing Capsules – The Game Changer: The dosing capsule that came along with my XMAX Starry 4 is a neat innovation. If you’ know anything about capsules, you’ll know these little canisters are a godsend for vapers who like to keep things tidy. You load your flower into these tiny containers, pop one into the chamber, and voilà – it keeps your vaporizer’s innards as clean as a whistle.

Starry 4 Dosing Capsule

Dosing capsules aren’t just for cleanliness; they’re super convenient for on-the-go adventures. I can pre-pack a few and know exactly how much herb I’m carrying without a second guess. It streamlines the experience, although I will admit, they do alter the heat dynamic, leaning more towards conduction. This means a bit of sacrifice in flavor and vapor oomph – that’s why they’re not my everyday choice.

Grind & Pack Wisdom: The grind consistency does the trick here – aim for a grind that’s a touch finer than the usual. Gently tamping down in the chamber ensures even contact with the walls, maintaining a perfect fit for the mouthpiece.

Pro Tip – Post-Session Care: Post-vape, while the chamber’s still warm, I advise you to clear it out. This includes the dosing capsule too. Resin tends to play the clingy ex, sticking around and muddying the chamber. It’s a surefire way to keep your sessions tasting fresh and to minimize the whole scrubbing ordeal later.

By adhering to these practices, I’ve found the Starry 4 offers a balanced blend of efficiency, flavor, and convenience, keeping the ritual of vaporizing as pure and enjoyable as intended.

User-Centric Innovations

Starry 4 Screen

When it comes to usability, I can’t get over how the Starry 4 has nailed it with the 3-click on/off feature. No fumbling around, just three clicks and you’re set to sail the vapor seas. It’s like having a reliable co-pilot that knows exactly when to take off.

But it’s not just about getting going; it’s also about staying in the safe zone. The folks behind Starry 4 have woven in an extra layer of protection with customizable session timers. You’ve got options here – and I’m all about options. Choose from a quick 4-minute blast for when time is of the essence, or dial it up to 6 minutes for those moments when you want to savor the flavor a bit more deeply. And for those leisurely times when I’m in no rush at all? The 10-minute session is my go-to. It’s like choosing between a sprint, a jog, or a leisurely walk – all depending on the pace of your day.

This isn’t just a convenience feature; it’s your onboard safety mechanism. It means no more accidentally leaving the vape on, draining your battery, or worse – burning your material when you get too lost in the clouds. It’s the kind of peace of mind that lets you kick back without a worry, knowing your session will end just when you want it to. Plus, it’s a solid way to conserve your stash – none of that going up in unintended smoke.

In my hands-on experience, this feature is a standout. It allows me to align my vaping with my rhythm – a quick session on a busy afternoon or a slow, contemplative vape in the evening. It’s this kind of thoughtful design that takes the Starry 4 from being just another device to an intuitive companion for my vaping journey.

Airflow Dynamics

X-Max Starry 4 Ceramic Adapter

Let’s talk about what’s really breathing life into the STARRY 4: the airflow. In my vape escapades, I’ve learned that airflow doesn’t just assist with the draw; it’s the puppet master of your entire vaping experience. With the STARRY 4, it’s not just any airflow—it’s 100% isolated. This means the air path is completely separated from the electronics and the internal wiring. Why does this matter? Purity, my friend. It’s all about savoring the unadulterated, rich flavors of your flower, without any interference. Every inhale feels like a fresh breeze over a field of your favorite strain.

But the real kicker? The adjustability. Whether you’re about those leisurely, cloud-chasing draws or prefer a tighter, flavor-packed hit, the STARRY 4 puts you in the captain’s seat. With a simple tweak, you can transform your vaping style. It’s like having different instruments to play the same song—it changes the whole vibe.

I personally enjoy starting my session with a smooth, open draw to ease into the flavor profile. Midway, I might dial it back for a denser, more intense hit. And the fact that I can fine-tune this on the fly means every session is tailored to how I feel right then and there.

Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect pull. It can be the difference between an okay session and a transcendental one. With the STARRY 4’s adjustable airflow, it’s like having a volume knob for your vape—you control the intensity, the flavor, and the clouds. Whether I want a subtle whisper or a full-on aromatic symphony, the STARRY 4 delivers. It’s a feature that elevates the simple act of vaping into a fully customizable ritual.

Battery Brilliance

So, what’s the muscle behind the Starry 4’s magic? It’s all about the power source, man. Nestled within its sleek frame is a replaceable 18650 3.7V 2550mAh battery that packs a punch. When I first got my hands on it, I was stoked to discover the longevity of this little beast. We’re talking about a solid session span before you even need to think about power. No stress if you’re planning a long day out – it keeps up with you.

Starry 4 Battery

But here’s the real kicker – the lifespan of your vape isn’t tied to the lifespan of the battery. In a world where we toss things at the first sign of wear, this is a game-changer. Once the battery shows signs of age, you simply swap it out. No eulogies, no goodbyes, and definitely no need to retire the entire vape. It’s like giving your vape a new lease on life, over and over again.

And let’s rap about charging for a second – we’ve got the modern wonder that is Type-C charging. This means I’m not left twiddling my thumbs waiting for the battery to juice up. It’s fast, efficient, and it’s the same charger I use for a bunch of my other gadgets, which is ridiculously convenient.

In my use, the removable battery aspect isn’t just about convenience; it’s about commitment to your vape. It’s a relationship, you know? And the Starry 4 is in it for the long haul with you. No obsolescence here – just keep replacing the battery and it’s like day one all over again.

The charging speed is nothing to scoff at either. I can go from low power to full charge rapidly, meaning less downtime. Whether I’m at home or bouncing between spots, I can plug in, power up, and before I know it, I’m ready to roll again. It’s that assurance that I won’t be vape-less when the moment calls for some cloud chasing.

Starry 4 Charging Port

In essence, the power setup of the Starry 4 has been a massive plus in my book. It speaks volumes to the efficiency and foresight baked into this device – from the swappable battery to the cutting-edge charging tech, it’s clear that the designers wanted to make sure you’re set for session after session, without missing a beat.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The STARRY 4’s design is like it was made for ease and comfort, man. Right off the bat, that OLED display caught my eye. It’s crisp, clear, and tells me everything I need to know with just a glance – temperature, battery life, and session timer. No squinting, no guessing, just straight-up facts laid out in front of me. It’s like the vape’s giving me a little nod, saying, “I got you, buddy.”

Now, let’s chat about the mouthpiece – it’s magnetic! That means no more wrestling with threads or worrying about parts wearing out over time. It snaps on and off with such a satisfying click that makes reloading or cleaning feel like a cool magic trick rather than a chore. It’s these little touches that make the STARRY 4 feel less like a gadget and more like a trusty sidekick.

Speaking of cleaning, if there’s one thing I’m not down for, it’s a high-maintenance piece of tech. The STARRY 4 gets me. The ceramic chamber is a dream – I’ve found it resists residue build-up, so I’m not constantly scrubbing away like a madman. And when I do need to clean it, a quick wipe gets it looking brand spanking new. The zirconia mouthpiece is the same deal – it’s tough, it doesn’t hold onto flavors, and it’s super simple to keep pristine.

I gotta say, the combination of materials here is top-notch. Ceramic and zirconia are not just about looks or durability; they’re about keeping the cleaning hassle to the bare minimum. Plus, they help maintain the purity of flavor, and that’s a big deal for someone who wants to savor their herb’s profile.

In my time with the STARRY 4, maintenance has been nothing short of a breeze. A few swipes, a quick rinse, and I’m back in business. It’s like the vape respects my time and wants to make sure I’m spending it enjoying the experience, not prepping for it.

Overall, the user-friendliness and low maintenance of the STARRY 4 make it a solid choice for both newbies and seasoned vapers. It’s like the designers thought about everything that could make a vape session hassle-free, then packed it all into this sleek, little powerhouse.

Carrying and Storage

Diving into the STARRY 4, what hits me first is just how perfectly it fits into my on-the-go lifestyle. Man, its size is the sweet spot for portability without sacrificing the feel of a full-sized vape. I can slip this little buddy into my pocket like it’s meant to be there, no bulge, no fuss. Whether I’m cruising on my board down to the beach or heading out for a midnight munchie run, the STARRY 4 is my stealthy companion, always ready for action.

Now, I’ve had my share of gear that’s too delicate to handle the journey, you know? But this thing is built tough. It’s got a reassuring weight to it – not too heavy, but enough to know it can take a knock or two. I’ve tossed it into my backpack, dropped it in the car seat, even had it rattle around in a tent on a camping trip, and it comes out unscathed every time. It’s like the STARRY 4 is down for adventure, always whispering, “Let’s roll out, no need to baby me.”

But it’s not just about being hardy; the STARRY 4 has this sleekness to it, too. There are no awkward angles or weird protrusions – it’s all smooth lines and a finish that doesn’t scream for attention but catches your eye with its understated class. It’s the vape equivalent of that cool, quiet friend who’s got your back without making a big deal about it.

And here’s the kicker: despite its compact nature, it doesn’t feel like you’re compromising on the experience. I’ve walked through crowds puffing away, and no one’s the wiser. It’s discreet enough to keep your session low-key but powerful enough to make sure you’re getting the most out of your herb.

So, for my fellow vapers who are always in motion, the STARRY 4 is a no-brainer. It’s like your favorite travel mug or that pair of sunglasses that always seems to be on hand when you need them. Reliable, low-profile, and always ready for whatever the day throws at you. It’s clear that in the design of the STARRY 4, mobility was a priority, and that’s something any vaper with places to be will appreciate.


X-Max Starry 4 What's In the Box

Sitting at US $99, considering all these features? I’d say it’s a steal. A solid device that doesn’t break the bank? That’s a win in my book.


The XMAX STARRY 4 truly stands out in the crowded market. It’s sleek, performs like a champ, and offers a host of features usually found in pricier models. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to add to your collection, this is one vape that’s worth every cent.

Keep those clouds coming and always vape with intention. Catch ya in the next review! ✌🏼🌬️🌟

Zak Voss, the founder of The THC Times, brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, blending his engineering background with extensive legal and technical expertise. Renowned for his consultancy in cannabis legalities and indoor growing environments, Zak is a vital guide for navigating the complex cannabis landscape.