Why Rolling Trays Are Important

why rolling trays are important

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Whether you smoke using water pipes, regular pipes, or even paper goods like joints and blunts, having accessories that make your smoking experience more seamless is a must. But when you begin looking for the right items, where should you start? One of the best products to scoop up first is a rolling tray. If you’ve seen rolling trays while shopping around but were unsure about whether or not to make the purchase, let’s dive further into these helpful accessories and why they’re important for every smoker to own.

why rolling trays are important

What Is a Rolling Tray?

As the name suggests, a rolling tray is a flat surface on which you can grind, prepare, and roll your bud without dealing with any of the problems that come with trying to roll without this tool. The rolling tray is to flower what the dab mat is to concentrate. If you’re someone that likes to roll on your couch or bed and are tired of all the problems that you encounter while rolling up, the rolling tray was made for you.

Benefits of Rolling Trays

Despite being a relatively simple invention, the rolling tray comes with numerous benefits that make rolling that much more enjoyable. Some of these notable benefits include:

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Frees Up Space

Ever try to roll on a space that contained other items? Trying to roll when you’re surrounded by clutter can be a pain. With a rolling tray, you instead have a dedicated space where you can place all of your smoking materials and prepare your joints and blunts. Although it may not seem like a big deal to just prepare your joints on your counter, you’ll soon realize just how helpful your rolling tray is at keeping your activities confined to one clear space.

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Custom Tray

For many, smoking is a lifestyle. Because of this, they want all of the accessories they use to represent them. Many rolling trays come with exciting features and are able to be customized so that you can incorporate your favorite phrases, images, or brands onto them with ease. If you love being able to customize your accessories, you’re guaranteed to find a tray that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Keep Area Clean

There are numerous problems that one will encounter when trying to roll mess-free. The first problem comes with the number of tools that you have to spread out throughout the available space. While you’re grinding your bud, you’ll most likely have a ton of bud that scatters throughout your immediate space as well, which, when paired with the stickiness on your fingers you have to deal with when loading your joint or, can make the area a sticky mess with a ton of wasted cannabis. When you finally light up, you then have to be very careful while smoking to make sure you’re not dropping any ash on yourself or your belongings.

A rolling tray is a catch-all for all of your materials, helping you conserve as much weed or CBD flower as possible, making sure that all your tools have a dedicated space, and keeping your room safeguarded from hot ash.


At first glance, you’ll probably wonder whether or not a rolling tray is worth it. After all, it is just a flat tray, right? While some rolling trays can be relatively tame in terms of their design, others are packed with helpful features that make using your rolling tray a pleasant experience. Some key features of the rolling tray include:

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If you have a hard time organizing all your stuff, you’ll be excited to learn that many rolling trays have placeholders to help you keep your tools from sliding into the center of the tray while you’re rolling. Once you’re finished, you can then put your tray away with everything in its spot. If you want to be able to set it and forget it, get yourself a rolling tray with placeholders for all your items.

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Different Materials

Plastic rolling trays aren’t right for everyone. But it’s important to know, like most of your other tools, rolling trays aren’t just made with one type of material. You can find rolling trays made with glass, metal, and even wood. If you look hard, you can even find rolling trays that incorporate unique features like LED light strips and beyond. You’re sure to find the right match for you out there.

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Different Sizes

Small rolling trays are perfect for a mini session while larger ones give you all the space you need to prepare and pack your cannabis. Take a look around to find the right size for your rolling needs as there are tons of different sizes on the market.


No matter who you are, a rolling tray is one of the essential accessories that you should have in your collection. Simplify the shopping process by using the guide above to learn more about how rolling trays function and what types of features you should be looking for in your own rolling tray.

Zak Voss, the founder of The THC Times, brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, blending his engineering background with extensive legal and technical expertise. Renowned for his consultancy in cannabis legalities and indoor growing environments, Zak is a vital guide for navigating the complex cannabis landscape.