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What Is Marijuana – Google Trends Analysis

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Which US states google what is marijuana the most? We’ve analyzed Google Trends to see which states are searching for what marijuana is the most per capita. Is the list what you thought it would be?

What The Values Mean

All data was taken from Google Trends for the last 12 months and for the United States only. These rankings are relative to the total number of Google searches done per state, so all states have an even playing field.

The most popular US state has a value of 100, and all other states are compared to that. A value of 50 means a state does half as many searches as the top-scoring state, when scaled against the total number of searches.

Scroll down to see the complete list!

what is marijuana - Google trends

Full List

  1. Oklahoma = 100
  2. Alaska = 73
  3. Arkansas = 69
  4. Maine = 66
  5. Michigan = 64
  6. Colorado = 61
  7. 57 (tied)
    1. Rhode Island
    2. Vermont
  8. New Mexico = 56
  9. Montana = 55
  10. Indiana = 54
  11. Nevada = 53
  12. 52 (tied)
    1. Pennsylvania
    2. Missouri
  13. 51 (tied)
    1. Illinois
    2. Connecticut
  14. 50 (tied)
    1. West Virginia
    2. Arizona
    3. Oregon
  15. Ohio = 49
  16. Iowa = 48
  17. South Dakota = 46
  18. 44 (tied)
    1. Kentucky
    2. Massachusetts
  19. 43 (tied)
    1. Idaho
    2. Florida
  20. Mississippi = 42
  21. 41 (tied)
    1. Washington
    2. Kansas
    3. Delaware
    4. Nebraska
    5. New Hampshire
  22. 40 (tied)
    1. Louisiana
    2. Tennessee
  23. Wisconsin = 39
  24. 38 (tied)
    1. New Jersey
    2. Maryland
  25. California = 37
  26. 36 (tied)
    1. North Carolina
    2. Utah
    3. Virginia
    4. Alabama
    5. Georgia
    6. North Dakota
  27. Hawaii = 35
  28. 34 (tied)
    1. Minnesota
    2. Texas
  29. New York = 31
  30. South Carolina = 29
  31. Wyoming = Not enough data

Special Mentions

The first special mention goes to Oklahoma. It seems to top all of these Google Trends marijuana lists that we do. And then there’s Wyoming, not even having enough data to rank. Of course, being the least populated state doesn’t help there.

And lastly, we have to mention the most marijuana aware state (or so it seems) – South Carolina. The state seems to either already know what marijuana is enough to not search for it, or just doesn’t care about learning what it is.

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