Is Weed Legal in Tasmania? – Australia Weed Laws

weed in Tasmania

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This is part 6 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We’re talking about weed in Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state, and the only state not connected to the mainland.

While Tasmania may be small compared to the rest of Australia, it’s still larger than 10 states in the US. West Virginia is the closest match for size, with Tasmania only slightly larger.

weed in Tasmania

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Weed Laws in Tasmania

In Tasmania, it is illegal to grow, possess and use cannabis without a prescription. Possession of weed can lead to 2 years in prison, or a fine of up to $7,850 AUD. The same is true for growing cannabis.

If you are caught using or possessing up to 1kg of weed or 20 plants, this will then be classed as a trafficable quantity. Trafficable quantities can lead to 21 years in jail. For the supply of drugs, the penalty can be to a $15,700 AUD fine or 4 years in prison.

Luckily, like most other states, Tasmanian police can decide to not charge a person for minor drug offenses. Instead, this could lead to an informal or formal caution. While this option does exist, don’t expect to be given this option, should you be caught with weed in Tasmania.

Recreational weed use in Tasmania is not legal, just like the rest of Australia (minus ACT).

Medical Marijuana in Tasmania

Medical marijuana is legal in Tasmania. The Australian federal government legalized medical weed in 2016. It is however up to the states and territories on how they implement these laws. In Tasmania, applications cannot be made through regular GP’s, but instead, through certain health specialists only.

This restrictiveness isn’t helped by the fact that patients need to have tried more traditional medicines beforehand, and to not have responded.

Tasmania’s Stereotype

Tasmania is often thought as one of the most backwards parts of Australia. Or at least it used to be, anyway. These days that isn’t really true, however it takes time to shake a stereotype. Tasmania’s chances of legalizing soon are slim to none however, making it a very unlikely contender in becoming Australia’s second state or territory to legalize.

And that’s a real shame too, because Tasmania has some absolutely crazy national parks, wildlife and scenery to take in. Some nature that can easily be appreciated sober, but having a few joints on hand would turn the experience up a few notches.

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