Is Weed Legal in Saudi Arabia?

weed in Saudi Arabia

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For the THC travelers out there, Saudi Arabia likely isn’t on your list. And for good reason too, as weed in Saudi Arabia is not looked favorably upon, similar to alcohol. Marijuana, or hashish as more commonly referred to, is very rare to see or smell within the Kingdom.

With Mohammed bin Salman (the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) looking to modernize the country, is weed reform on that list? At this stage no, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Although the recent lift on the ban of women driving, and relaxation of body coverings was surprising news to the international community, cannabis does not look on to be on the agenda just yet.

weed in Saudi Arabia

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Weed Laws Saudi Arabia

If caught with marijuana, or more likely hash in Saudi Arabia for personal use, this could result in one to six months in jail, according to Forbes. This could also carry the seemingly unusual punishment to Westerners of whippings. This lenient punishment is only for first-time offenders too.

For drug dealing, this can range from two to ten years in jail, with whippings of course. For larger amounts, or if the circumstances permit, this timeframe can increase. The death penalty also remains an option of punishment, and is often exercised.

Are the Laws Consistent Across the Country?

Saudi Arabia is a big place. It’s the world’s 12th largest country and 5th largest in Asia. And while all cities have a different feel to them, they are all terrible places to smoke weed. That said, the city of Jeddah is thought to be the most liberal within the country, with “religious police” often not seen. The religious police exist to enforce Islamic public behavior.

The cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Mecca, and Medina are more traditional. Regardless of where you travel in Saudi Arabia though, buying or using weed is a very bad idea.

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