Is Weed Legal in Northern Territory?- Australia Series

weed in northern territory

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This is part 1 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. First up we’re talking about weed in the Northern Territory, Australia’s largest territory and third-largest state or territory, behind Western Australia and Queensland.

It’s so large that if it broke away from the rest of Australia, it would become the world’s 19th largest country, between Mongolia and Peru. As far as its weed laws go, the Northern Territory is a bit more relaxed than most of Australia.

weed in northern territory

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Weed Laws Northern Territory

According to, being in possession of less than 50 grams (1.76 ounces) in your home will result in a fine only. Provided you only use weed at home, and don’t have above 50 grams, weed is effectively decriminalized in the Northern Territory. Being in possession in public however can still result in imprisonment.

For growing, the penalties are split amongst non-trafficable, trafficable, and commercial quantities. Non-trafficable is anything less than 50 grams, or fewer than 5 plants. Commercial is more than 500 grams, or more than 20 plants, and trafficable is anything in between.

  • Non-trafficable – 200 penalty units or imprisonment for 2 years
  • Trafficable – 7 years
  • Commercial – 25 years

The Northern Territory has a penalty unit system which is equivalent to dollars, and changes every year or so with inflation. Currently, 200 penalty units equates to $31,600 AUD ($22,500 USD at time of writing).

Weed Tourism for NT

Without going into too much detail (and because we may not be entirely correct), the Northern Territory is a territory and not a state primarily because it can’t financially support itself. With weed tourism and an extra industry, however, the gap in funding could theoretically close.

This option has been explored by the territory, as tourism is already a large part of its economy. But, because it’s a territory and not a state, the federal government has the power to overrule. Weed isn’t legal federally in Australia, so the Northern Territory can’t feasibly take this route.

Tourism Hotspots

If you’ve never visited the Northern Territory, you’re missing out. From Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) to Kakadu National Park, to Alice Springs and Darwin, the Northern Territory has a lot to offer. With a bit of weed, these experiences would be even better. Just as long as you don’t run into a crocodile that is. Or the police, given weed isn’t legal in the Northern Territory.

With the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) recently legalizing, many people believe it’s only a matter of time before legalization slowly spreads throughout Australia, similar to how it has unfolded in the US. Unfortunately though, New Zealand rejecting legalization in October 2020 has likely taken some of that pressure off.

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