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Is Weed Legal in Haiti?

Haiti is a Caribbean nation that is on the island of Hispaniola, the second-largest island in the Caribbean (with the first being Cuba). Haiti...

Mailing Edibles – What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about mailing some weed edibles? Well, here's everything you need to know about it, summarized with examples. This article is about...

Is Weed Legal in Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked nation bordered by two world superpowers, India and China. The country has long been synonymous with the nomadic explorer and...

Is Marijuana Legal In Ecuador?

The Republic of Ecuador is one of the poorest South American countries with a GDP per capita of $5,200. Despite this relatively small figure compared...

Is Weed Legal in Laos?

Laos is a particularly interesting country for weed smokers. It has breath-taking scenery of land and nature. Every step is full of history and...
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Upbeat elevator background music to move along with for those background tasks. Featuring Domenique Dumont, Polo & Pan, Session Victim, Hidden Spheres, Harvey Sutherland & more!


  1. Domenique Dumont – Comme ça
  2. Hidden Spheres – Lianas
  3. Fouk – Coconuts
  4. Domenique Dumont – Le début de la fin
  5. Project Pablo – Closer
  6. Gavinco – Vanilla
  7. Hidden Spheres – Waiting
  8. Seb Wildblood – The One with the Emoticon
  9. Domenique Dumont – La basse et les shakers
  10. Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise
  11. Move D, Le Rubrique – Bossa #1 [The Late Night Dance Remix by Le Rubrique]
  12. Seb Wildblood, Telephones – Wet Plants [Telephones Remix]
  13. Domenique Dumont – L’esprit de l’escalier
  14. Polo & Pan – Bakara
  15. Domenique Dumont – Message of the Diving Bird
  16. Polo & Pan – Cœur croisé
  17. Session Victim – Good Intentions [LP Mix]
  18. Jesper Ryom – Viewpoint

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Is Weed Legal in Croatia?

Croatia is a hospitable tourist destination on the coast of the Adriatic Sea that has been actively developing over the past 20 years. Along...

Is Weed Legal In Alabama?

If you’re passingly familiar with Lynard Skynyrd you’ll know Alabama is the place of sweet homes and blue skies. The lyrics go on further...
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