Time Trip Playlist

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It’s the journey of the song that matters in this time trip of a playlist. Featuring Marcus Rares, Youandewan, Aleksandir, Planete, TSHA & more! Follow The THC Times for all your stoned playlist needs.


  1. Traumer – Triade
  2. Bicep, Four Tet – Opan [Four Tet Remix]
  3. Pachanga Boys – Time
  4. Marcus Rares – Toi et moi
  5. Aleksandir – Istanbul
  6. Planete – Faded Memory
  7. Traumer – Classroom
  8. BRYZ – Pastel
  9. Youandewan – Our Odyssey
  10. Marcus Rares – Cigarettes and Flute
  11. Floating Points – Ratio [Full Mix]
  12. TSHA – Sacred
  13. Donato Dozzy – Cassandra [Original Mix]
  14. Floating Points – King Bromeliad
  15. Marcus Rares – Minute
  16. Kim Brown – Rubies, Riches And Crowns
  17. Marcus Rares – Hotel Nights

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Zak Voss

Lover of geography, statistics and trends. Likes to think he can pull huge bowls but can't like he used to.

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