The Holiday ‘Chill’ Gift Guide

Marijuana holiday gift guide


All of our formulas start with USA-grown premium organic hemp CBD. They are expertly blended with powerful supportive ingredients like: vitamins, herbs, adaptogens, and nootropics that help to achieve the desired effect.  

For example, our CBD Sleep Support formula contains: CBD, Chamomile, Melatonin, Hemp Extracts.. and Ashwagandha.

Another one of my favorites is our brand-new Full-Spectrum CBD soft gels.  Each soft gel contains 50mg of Full-Spectrum phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that are naturally extracted from premium organic hemp plants.  With these, you can feel the power of the entourage effect and experience whole-plant benefits in a simple & precise soft gel.

At Simple Leaf, the goal is to create the highest-quality organic hemp products that offer consistent, repeatable effects.  What’s inside matters!  

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The  Hemplucid mushroom stacks might be a great fit for you this holiday season. 

For stress, they offer a blend of  Lion’s mane mushrooms, nettles, and CBD that can help support the HPA axis and reduce stress. Lion’s mane mushrooms help reduce inflammation, a common stress response. Nettles help to support adrenal glands and may reduce anxiety.

People can try a blend of CBD, mushrooms, and herbs for sleep. The Reishi mushrooms stack may help support a good night’s sleep and lessen fatigue, helping you wake up bright-eyed. Blue vervain is calming and may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

For the immune system, CBD, cordyceps, and red marine algae support the immune system with the Immune Stacks. Red marine algae boost health on a cellular level by supporting a protective barrier against contagions. Turkey tail mushrooms support the liver and promote detoxification.

Heylo Louder CBD Lube

Medical-grade silicone blend ignites intimacy and opens up a new world for men and women. With 50mg THC per bottle, users should expect the best orgasm. Heylo’s Louder lube heightens sensations and comfort and comes with a silky-not-sticky feel.

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Cannabis Life Delta 8

Cannabis Life Delta 8 Gummies– A 30-count jar of Cannabis Life’s Assorted Flavor Delta-8 THC gummies. Life is filled with surprises! Luckily, with Cannabis Life, you know that every surprise will be good. Each gummy delivers a delicious surprise flavor and that serene feeling that only Delta-8 can bring.Why it’s special

  • Each gummy offers 25mg of Delta-8 THC
  • Each gummy has a delightful surprise flavor
  • Fun to share with friends
  • Lab tested & certified for quality

Vanilla Kush Entourage Disposable Vape Pen – (1ml) 1000mg – A vanilla kush pen with Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG. This blend of cannabinoids may offer the “entourage effect” in which multiple hemp compounds synergize for greater effect.Why it’s special

  • It has 1000mg of cannabinoids
  • Hybrid botanical properties
  • It has no fillers: No VG or PG (common additives)
  • Every batch is tested for quality by an independent lab

Plift Hemp Infused Beverages

Plift is a brand-new, hemp-infused beverage that provides a relaxed mood enhancer from its hemp-derived delta-8 infusion (it definitely got some kick to it!) and is currently available in two low-calorie sparkling flavors Crisp Ginger and Tart Lime.

Plift is black-owned and managed and is available for individual and wholesale purchases on its website and soon in convenience stores around the country. Plift is based in Kansas City, Missouri.  


Elixinol, in case you’re not familiar, is a veteran CBD brand and one of the FIRST brands on the market that have been focused on the development of quality products, from maintaining a healthy immune system to relieving everyday stress for over 25 years, offers many different formats and formulations to promote a more calm mood and better sleep.  

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Hidden Hollow Hemp Farm

A North Carolina-based company that makes CBD and Delta 8 products. Unlike most companies in the hemp industry, we operate as both the hemp grower and product producer. We organically grow all of our hemp on our family farm to ensure that it matches our quality standards, and then process our hemp into a form that can be used in our products.

The way we extract CBD and other cannabinoids from our hemp are also fairly unique. Instead of taking our hemp to an industrial processor as most companies do, we use oil and alcohol extractions to preserve all the health benefits of our hemp that are usually lost in industrial-scale extractions. Finally, we offer our products at a more affordable price without sacrificing our quality. Other companies generally offer their products at a steep markup for an overall inferior product.

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