The HIGH Spring Gift Guide – 2022 Edition

With all the new cannabinoids being turned into products, I decided to highlight some of the new ones to the market that are must-tries. Please enjoy this edition of our spring gift guide.

Popular Seeds: (Must Try)

Floyd’s Of Leadville

 Floyd’s of Leadville, an Athlete-focused CBD products leader based in CO, which was founded by former Tour de France champion Floyd Landis, with you as I think it would be a great addition to your daily routine! Perfect for soothing sore muscles post-workout, or for keeping your skin and body feeling healthy throughout the day, SportsCream is convenient and functional. Like all Floyd’s products, these creams are devoid of artificial preservatives.


Treatibles is here to provide harmony for the whole family with pet products that help dogs, cats, and even horses feel better. Whether dealing with tummy issues, anxious vet visits, fear of thunderstorms, or aging, stiff joints, the brand offers organic full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products that will get our beloved companions moving around calmly, carefree, and with ease. They offer hard chews, soft chewable, oil droppers, extra strength, and CBD-free options!

Flyers Cocktail Co.

Flyers Cocktail Co. Flyers is a non-alcoholic beverage meant to satisfy the craving for a sophisticated cocktail but without booze. Instead, it’s made with full-spectrum CBD (20 mg) to give a sense of euphoria while eliminating hangovers. Most importantly, all 3 Flyers sparkling CBD cocktails (Tokyo Marg, BKLN Gold, Sydney Spritz) have the elements of a delicately layered alcoholic beverage..

Founders Miles, Lewie, and Damon, three wanderlust Australians who now call NYC home, worked with co-founder Ivy Mix, one of America’s most acclaimed bartenders, to re-engineer some of the world’s most iconic cocktails for today’s modern drinker. They created more than 45 iterations of each flavor (over 6 months of testing) to nail down the complexity of the cocktail flavors without using alcohol. Flyers intend to reimagine how today’s generation, as well as future generations, socially enjoy themselves and imbibe.

Tub Therapy

Tub Therapy is a new CBD bath brand made for the doers, dream chasers, adventurous and goal diggers in mind. At Tub Therapy, it’s our aim to inspire you to give yourself permission to pause with little daily pleasures that usually end up being the major ones in life.

Their Products

We offer bath bombs and handmade soaps infused with full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from US-grown hemp and tested by an ISO-certified lab to comply with FDA standards. 

We’ve carefully selected other natural ingredients for our formula to create a special blend of CBD bath treats that are nutrient-rich, skin-nourishing, sustainably produced and cruelty-free.

What makes our products stand out in a sea of equally-amazing CBD bath bombs and soaps? Our scents are fun, unique, playful, and refreshing, bringing to life memories of our favorite celebrations and adventures past and present. 

Flowers Stampede

These pretty and affordable products are the perfect gifts for the stylish cannabis consumer. For starters, I suggest the Flower Stampede Sesh Set. This value-priced bundle includes everything they need to enhance and beautify their high: the Signature Floral Pattern Rolling Tray and 4-Layer Cannabis Grinder, plus the stunning Magnetic Spoon Pipe. Another hot item is the best-selling Ring Roach Clip. Delicate hands in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and (nearly sold-out) Silver hold every size joint, saving manicures, preventing smelly hands, and delivering every puff. You can check out the whole line at

EightySix Brand THC & HHC Disposables

As an industry leader, Eighty Six Brand is changing the game in the CBD/THC space. We’ve recently developed two exciting new product lines geared to open up the industry to an explosive new future.

THC-O Disposables
THC-O Acetate is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from hemp, and some researchers have found that THC-O is almost three times more potent than regular THC. Our MELT THC-O disposables deliver super-smooth hits every time, with a full gram of distillate in every cartridge, which some users claim provides a relaxing, euphoric effect.

HHC Disposables
HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid and a hydrogenated form of THC. Known for its similar effects to Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, our White Series HHC disposables do possess psychoactive properties that users claim offer a euphoric and relaxing high compared to traditional THC.

Envy CBD

Founded in 2019, Envy CBD is your ultimate source of farm-to-table CBD products. Our process starts with organic hemp grown on our farms in Minnesota and ends with third-party lab-tested products that are at the peak of purity and potency. From tinctures to topicals to gummies and more, we have everything you need to enhance your lifestyle.

CBD Body Soaps & Shampoo Bars
We’ve taken CBD to the next level with our CBD body soaps and shampoo bars, which are more ecologically sustainable and contain naturally-derived ingredients as opposed to liquid soaps and shampoos that contain any number of chemicals. At the end of the day, CBD body soaps and shampoo bars get the job done with the added benefit of CBD enhancing the effects while also making the soap last longer and better for the environment.
Envy CBD

Simple Leaf CBD

Simple Leaf CBD, a premium organic hemp company that manufactures CBD products that are organically farmed, non-GMO, and grown in the USA.

Our ‘CBD With Purpose’ product collection makes it simple for consumers to choose CBD products based on their needs/desired effects, such as improved focus &cognitive function, sleep & relaxation, mood & stress support, muscle& ache relief, immune system support. Each formula features organic hemp cannabinoids that are expertly blended with functional ingredients from the world of natural wellness that help achieve the desired effect.  For example, our Sleep formula contains Chamomile, Melatonin, and Ashwagandha.   

All of our CBD formulas follow that same concept and are packed with powerful ingredients like vitamins, herbs, adaptogens, and nootropics that help to achieve the desired effect. As you can see in the product list below, our goal is to create simple, clean, high-quality CBD products that offer consistent repeatable effects. 

o  CBG Capsule (900mg CBG)

o  CBD Capsule Focus + Energy (1200mg CBD)

o  CBD Capsule Mood Boost (1200mg CBD)

o  CBD Capsule Muscle + Joint (600mg CBD)

o  CBD Capsule Pain Relief (750mg CBD + 750mg CBG)

o  CBD Capsule Sleep Support (600mg CBD)

o  CBD Capsule Immune Boost (600mg CBD)

o  CBD Bath Bomb with Lavender and Eucalyptus (50mg CBD)

Papers + Ink

Papers + Ink is bringing style to smoking by challenging stigmas around marijuana usage, with fashion-focused, printed rolling papers for the sophisticated smoker. The AAPI woman-owned brand incorporates artistic designs and social activism with classic accessories in the cannabis industry for smokers to make a statement while enjoying plant-based medicine. The brand creates designs in-house and in collaboration with artists to print onto the 100% organic hemp papers, and often partners with fashion and cannabis companies for brand collaborations.



Made in the USA, RealSleep is the last sleep product you’ll ever need. Many traditional sleep aids consist of chemicals like diazepams or antihistamines to induce drowsiness, but do not actually promote the natural stages of the sleep cycle, which are essential to mental and physical health and recovery. RealSleep uses natural ingredients found in the body and in nature to deliver just that: real, quality sleep.

Price: $39.99 – Monthly Subscription RealSleep


CBD Muscle, Joint and Skin Balm

Description: Sheabrand’s Muscle, Joint and Skin Balm is a butter balm that combines hemp extract, arnica oil, and essential oils with shea butter to provide re-leaf and nourishment to wounds, skin, joints and muscles.

Price: $30

Top Shelf Hemp Co.

Their focus is on providing the best hemp flower and alt-cannabinoids to our customers. We have a host of products you may be interested in. We offer high CBD and CBG flower. We also have ∆8 and federally compliant low dose ∆9 gummies. We have THC-P and ∆8 cartridges and disposables. And lastly, we offer ∆8 and THC-O infused flower.

Molly J’s CBD Gumdrops

The Seasonal Box features three limited edition CBD-infused gumdrop flavors, reflecting the current season.. Currently, the Seasonal Box includes sugar crystal-coated gumdrops inspired by the flavors of spring:

  • Cherry Blossom – The playful and round flavor of dark cherries has been balanced with the classy and sophisticated notes of bitter citrus, subtle vanilla and bubbles.
  • Citrus Sour – The fresh and distinctively sweet tangerine is supported by an acidic backbone of freshly pressed limes and the delicate bitter nuance of grapefruit.
  • Blood Orange Lemongrass – The sweetness of blood oranges known for their noticeable raspberry edge and floral complexity comes alive with the whisper of lemongrass and the balancing tang of cranberry.

Each CBD-infused gumdrop is made with simple ingredients by a local chef in small batches to ensure consistency in both dosage and quality. The gumdrops are also gluten-free, have zero THC, and are packaged luxuriously in a candy box to ensure a delicious and beautiful wellness experience from beginning to end. Available now for a limited time, the Seasonal Box is offered in a standard (25mg) or high (50mg) dosage and retails between $45-$65 at