is weed legal in Cyprus

Is Weed Legal in Cyprus?

The Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus is a country filled with irresistible beaches, and instability. The country is either part of Europe or Asia (or both), depending on how you define it. Its capital, Nicosia, is the only capital city in the world divided by fences and barriers that can’t be crossed, except for a…

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weed in Turkey

Is Weed Legal in Turkey?

If you think European countries are open with things concerning cannabis, then exclude Turkey from that list. Ok technically, Turkey is mainly in Asia, but still. Using, possessing, receiving, or purchasing weed in Turkey may lead to 2-5 years of imprisonment, provided it’s deemed for personal use. The jail time highly varies, but the bottom…

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is weed legal in Kazakhstan

Is Weed Legal in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an interesting place. It is the largest landlocked nation on Earth, and is home to the world’s second coldest capital city called Nur-Sultan, formerly Almaty (the first being Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia). It is also the most well-known country out of the five “Stans” (Pakistan and Afghanistan aren’t included in this count), with one…

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is weed legal in Bangladesh

Is Weed Legal in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a South-Asian country with a lot of problems on its horizon. Specifically, the risks of flooding and rising sea levels (amongst other things). Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world that you can easily see on a standard map. This density is creating enormous pressure on the country, with the…

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is weed legal in Nepal

Is Weed Legal in Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked nation bordered by two world superpowers, India and China. The country has long been synonymous with the nomadic explorer and hippie lifestyle, inclusive of cannabis. Although weed isn’t legal in Nepal, the country may very well become one of the first to fully legalize within Asia. Members of the current governing…

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