is weed legal in Nigeria

Is Weed Legal In Nigeria?

Nigeria is undoubtedly the most populous black nation on earth, priding itself as one of the world’s major oil-producing countries. However, weed, or Igbo as it’s popularly called isn’t legal and is considered taboo in Nigeria. An average Nigerian sees stoners as irresponsible and social deviants, while the religious folks attribute weed to the devil’s…

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is weed legal in Kenya

Is Weed Legal in Kenya?

Kenya is a rapidly growing country with a population that has increased over 500% since 1960. With that growing population has come a growing user base for cannabis. According to Kenya’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, anyone found in possession of any narcotic drug will be charged with an offense entailing ten years imprisonment….

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is weed legal in Ethiopia

Is Weed Legal In Ethiopia?

Ethiopia may not be the hotspot tourist destination everyone’s talking about, but as far as Africa is concerned, it’s a pretty big player. Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline in Africa, and is the 4th largest in the world when looking at the number of countries the airline serves. The country also has the 7th…

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is weed legal in Algeria

Is Weed Legal In Algeria?

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, with the vast Sahara desert covering over 80% of the land. Population-wise, Algeria is the 9th most populous country in Africa, with most of its population living along the coastline, close to Spain and its half legal weed society. Although Algeria’s population is largely Muslim, support for a more…

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