slx grinder review

SLX Grinder 2.5 Review

The SLX grinder is a premium grinder. It looks premium, it feels premium, and it just does a great job of grinding your herb. But of course, it also comes with a premium price tag. If your days of using scissors and a chop bowl are long behind you, and you’ve gone through a few…

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best one hitter dugout

How to Choose Best One Hitter Dugout

If you’re looking for a device that simplifies your smoking experience, a one hitter dugout is now a popular carry case for one hitter pipes. These dugouts, which look exactly like one hitters have been around for a long time in one form or another, and they are great for smoking on-the-go. What is a…

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why rolling trays are important

Why Rolling Trays Are Important

Whether you smoke using water pipes, regular pipes, or even paper goods like joints and blunts, having accessories that make your smoking experience more seamless is a must. But when you begin looking for the right items, where should you start? One of the best products to scoop up first is a rolling tray. If…

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raw joint roller

Raw Joint Roller – Our Review

The Raw joint roller is one of the most popular joint rollers out there. I’ve personally been using it for a number of years now, and for a few dollars it does a great job. It gives me perfectly rolled joints every time, and is a lot faster than rolling by hand. If you’re rolling…

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