Spaced Out Playlist

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Listen to our spaced out playlist with spacey sounds for a relaxed and chill time. Featuring Pedestrian, Kenton Slash Demon, Maribou State, Caribou, Moderat, Hidden Spheres, and more!


  1. COMA, Robag Wruhme – Lora [Robag’s Fandara Qualv NB]
  2. Pedestrian – Torn Blue
  3. Maribou State, Jimi Nxir – Truths
  4. Hidden Spheres – Land
  5. Caribou – Bowls
  6. Seb Wildblood – Sondag
  7. Maribou State, Nubiya Brandon – Hollow Grove
  8. Four Tet, Jamie xx – Lion [Jamie xx Remix]
  9. Pedestrian, Maribou State – Jnt
  10. Kenton Slash Demon – Sun
  11. Caribou – Hannibal
  12. XYZ, Kenton Slash Demon – Solution [Kenton Slash Demon’s 4/4 Therapy]
  13. SBTRKT, Ezra Koenig – NEW DORP. NEW YORK
  14. Caribou – Sun
  15. Maribou State – Moon Circles
  16. Beacon – Preserve
  17. Moderat, Ame – Running [Ame Remix]
  18. Romare – Come Close To Me

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