SLX Grinder Review

slx grinder review

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The SLX grinder is a premium grinder. It looks premium, it feels premium, and it just does a great job of grinding your herb. But of course, it also comes with a premium price tag. If your days of using scissors and a chop bowl are long behind you, and you’ve gone through a few metal hand-crank grinders before, then the SLX is a logical next step if you’re looking to splash a bit more cash. So let’s review the SLX grinder, talking through all the pros and cons.

slx grinder review

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Non-Stick Coating

What truly sets this grinder apart from the rest is its non-stick coating. This makes scraping your kief out super easy, and also means more of the kief actually makes it down into the last chamber. Essentially the SLX grinder means you cut down on wastage and cleaning. They have also eliminated two of the chamber threads, meaning no kief can get caught in these either. Not that much can get caught in there normally, but still.

Redesigned Chambers

So as mentioned above, the chambers have been redesigned so there is only one thread to unscrew while keeping the typical three-chamber design. The top section is magnetized, which is really handy in my opinion. And the kief chamber is actually part of the ground herb chamber. There’s a screen sitting within this, so you can just lift the screen up to access your kief, rather than unscrewing it. This is also super handy, but I’ve found it makes it harder to build up a decent kief collection when you’re constantly raiding it out of ease.

The outside of the grinder also has little notches and lines machined in, making it incredibly easy to grip. Not that a normal grinder is hard to grip of course, but this one just feels a bit nicer in hand.

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Sharp Teeth Design

So as you’d expect from a premium grinder, the teeth are nice and sharp. They’re made from aerospace-grade aluminum, which sounds very cool. It’s worth noting though that it’s used for a lot of things outside of aerospace parts. But either way, the quality of this grinder is top-notch. The overall teeth to hole ratio is good so you can control your grind to the consistency that you want.

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This SLX grinder review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the central tooth issue that they’ve fixed. Typically, the large central tooth would be part of the topmost section of the grinder, meaning your herb can get pressed underneath it and it’s hard to fish out. This grinder has that tooth part of the second section, so anything stuck can be easily removed. Not a huge deal, but it’s always been a small issue I’ve had with most grinders.

SLX Grinder 2.0 Vs 2.5

So this review is about version 2.0, not the latest 2.5. But both grinders are very similar in look, feel, and functionality. You can easily tell the difference as version 2.5 has a v2.5 labeled on the top of the grinder. Version 2.5 of the SLX grinder does come with a few improvements and new features, however.

  • comes in two different sizes – 2.0″ (same as v2.0) and 2.4″ (new larger size)
  • stronger magnets to prevent any spillage (I’ve never found spillage a problem with the v2.0, but it typically doesn’t leave my house)
  • smoother grinding with improved teeth design

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SLX Grinder Final Thoughts

The SLX grinder is hard to fault, and that’s reflected in the price. But if you are looking to fork out a bit more for a premium grinder, then you can’t go past this one. You’ll get a really sturdy, well-built and easy to use grinder, that doesn’t require cleaning and reduces any waste.