Sativa Vs Indica – Google Trends Analysis

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Which US states google sativa vs indica the most? We’ve analyzed Google Trends to see which states favor the two common cannabis plants. Is the list what you thought it would be?

What The Values Mean

All data was taken from Google Trends for the last 12 months and for the United States only. These rankings show the ratio of the two terms, sativa vs indica, so all states have an even playing field.

A value of 90/10 means 90% of searches done for either indica or sativa, were for sativa, and the other 10% were for indica. A value of 40/60 means 40% were for sativa, and 60% for indica.

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sativa vs indica

Full List

The list is in order of states searching for sativa from most to least. And also in order of states searching for indica from least to most.

  1. Idaho – 61/39
  2. Colorado – 58/42
  3. 56/44 (tied)
    1. Montana
    2. South Dakota
  4. 55/45 (tied)
    1. Vermont
    2. Mississippi
  5. 54/46 (tied)
    1. Washington
    2. Delaware
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Tennessee
    5. Minnesota
    6. Nebraska
  6. 53/47 (tied)
    1. Arizona
    2. Alaska
    3. Florida
    4. Texas
    5. Pennsylvania
    6. Ohio
    7. New York
    8. Arkansas
    9. South Carolina
    10. Louisiana
  7. 52/48 (tied)
    1. Nevada
    2. Massachusetts
    3. Michigan
    4. Maryland
    5. New Hampshire
    6. New Jersey
    7. Indiana
    8. Utah
    9. Georgia
    10. Virginia
    11. North Dakota
  8. 51/49 (tied)
    1. California
    2. Oregon
    3. Maine
    4. Illinois
    5. Missouri
    6. Wyoming
    7. Kentucky
    8. North Carolina
    9. Alabama
  9. 50/50 (tied)
    1. New Mexico
    2. Connecticut
  10. 49/51 (tied)
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Kansas
    3. Hawaii
    4. West Virginia
    5. Iowa
  11. Rhode Island – 47/53


So overall, we have a total of 22 states that favor sativa over indica (anything 53% or above). We have 27 states that don’t really have a preference (anything from 52% to 48%). And lastly, we only have Rhode Island that favors indica.

Idaho and Colorado topped the list as loving sativa the most. Maybe that’s due to their outdoor lifestyle? On the other hand though, Hawaii came in tied for second last, when there’s obviously a tonne of stuff to do outside there.

Special Mentions

Oklahoma stood out to us in a BIG WAY while putting this list together. When comparing the two search terms of sativa vs indica, it also shows you who searches for the individual search terms the most. Oklahoma is the state that searches for both sativa and indica the most. Their score for each word is 100, meaning all other states are bench-marked off it. And they don’t even have recreational weed.

Following Oklahoma was Colorado and Nevada. This makes a lot more sense as they both have recreational weed. Is there something going on in Oklahoma that I don’t know about?

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