Raw Joint Roller – Our Review

raw joint roller

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The Raw joint roller is one of the most popular joint rollers out there. I’ve personally been using it for a number of years now, and for a few dollars it does a great job. It gives me perfectly rolled joints every time, and is a lot faster than rolling by hand. If you’re rolling a lot for an occasion, this can really speed up the process. We’ll be talking about the king-size roller, however, apart from the size, the smaller version does the same job too.

raw joint roller

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How To Use

So the principle behind it is pretty simple. You need to pack it with cannabis, add a roach at one end, close it up, and then feed in your paper. See below for a more detailed explanation.

  1. Grind your weed
  2. Get a roach ready. If you don’t have any, any semi-stiff cardboard will do (avoid glossy if possible)
  3. Open up your Raw joint roller so you can see a bow to place your weed in
  4. Put your roach at one end
  5. Fill up the rest with weed
  6. Close up your joint roller, so it should be locked in place
  7. Give it a few turns in the direction of the arrows (don’t overturn it)
  8. Insert your paper with the gum strip end furthest away from the machine, with the sticky side facing you
  9. Give it a turn so your paper begins feeding in, but leave the gum strip out
  10. Lick the gum strip
  11. Give it another few turns, and you’re done

Raw Joint Roller Recommendations

This Raw joint roller fits perfectly with any king-sized papers, but it can also work with regular sizes. If you do use smaller sized papers you’ll likely get a bit of spillage out the end, so it’s best to roll on a tray or piece of paper. Speaking of paper, having a book of filter tips handy will likely give you far better roaches as they’re the perfect size. They aren’t necessary though, with any plain cardboard doing the trick.

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