Pulsar APX VOLT V3 Review

Pulsar APX VOLT V3

I’ve been trying to review the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 for some time now, but I finally got my hands on one. We’ve already reviewed the Pulsar APX V3 Dry Herb Vape and found it to be a pretty decent little unit.

What is the Pulsar APX VOLT V3?

Pulsar APX VOLT V3 Review

Pulsar is a leading name in the vaping industry and designs and develops a massive range of products geared towards the modern-day smoker.

The company today boasts a portfolio of over 1000 products, and the APX VOLT V3 is yet another hit additional to the company’s lineup.

The APX VOLT V3 is an improved version of its predecessor and comes with a slew of new, innovative features including variable voltage control, an 1100 mAh battery, and a clear and crisp LED display.

It is billed as one of the smallest vaporizers for wax available today and is designed for use with oil and wax concentrates only.

The APX VOLT V3 is fitted with a pure quartz chamber that evenly distributes heat, coupled with a robust Borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

Vape Quality

The vape quality of the APX VOLT V3 is out of this league, especially on its higher voltage settings. The lower settings of the APX VOLT V3 produce good clouds and are great for getting a good feel for the strain you’re vaping.

Given its adjustable temperature control, you can fine-tune your vapor experience according to your needs. Plus, it features a relatively short vapor path that doesn’t make the hit harsh on your lungs.


The Pulsar APX VOLT V3 features a lightweight compact footprint at just 3.5 inches tall, so you can tuck it away neatly in your pocket or bag.

Even though it is topped with a robust Borosilicate glass mouthpiece, it’s a bit fragile, due to which it may require extra attention and care.

The Pulsar APX VOLT V3 showcases a sleek finish, and can be ordered in an assortment of exciting colors including emerald, limited edition melting mushroom, and limited edition Zion lion.


Battery life is another area where the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 scores high. It comes factory-fitted with a large 1100 mAh battery that takes roughly 3 hours to charge the first time, and 1.5 hours for other recharges.

Once fully charged and depending on use, the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 works continuously for approximately 1.5 hours.

Adding to this, the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 features an onsite battery level display that indicates the power level across three different colors—Green (100% to 60%), orange (60% to 20%), and red (20% to 0%).

The APX logo LED will flash 3 times at a low battery level, after which the device turns off automatically.

Temperature Control

With four settings to choose from (2.5V / 2.8V / 3.2V / 3.7V), you can rest assured of a perfect vaping session.

You can adjust the settings with the flick of a switch to go from smooth and light yet enhanced flavor to powerful and lung-busting rips.

While I did like the versatility of the Pulsar APX VOLT V3, I was a bit disappointed at the lack of a fully adjustable temperature control to dial in my preferred settings, but it’s still not a deal-breaker.

After turning on the Pulsar APX VOLT V3, you simply press the power button three times to cycle through the preset voltages.

Lighting Effects

The Pulsar APX VOLT V3 doesn’t feature any lighting effects as other devices in this space but does come with an enhanced LED display.

Heating Time

Most vaporizers heat up in 30 seconds, but the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 wins the gold with its 5 second heating time.

Adding to this, it is equipped with a pure quartz cup coil-less cup chamber that is easy to access and provides you with the best vape flavor.

What’s in the Box?

You get all the essentials to get started with your vaping session in the box:

·   Volt V3 battery

·   Glass atomizer mouthpiece and cup

·   Silicone dab container

·   Dabber tool

·   USB-C Charger

Operation and Maintenance

The Pulsar APX VOLT V3 is a no-brainer to operate, where you load the atomizer, select your desired voltage, press and hold the power button, or two rapid clicks for handsfree power mode, and inhale once the concentrate melts in 5 seconds.

With regards to maintenance, you can easily remove the glass mouthpiece, soak it into a container of isopropyl alcohol for an hour, remove and wipe it, rinse in cold water, and dry with a soft hand towel.

Given that the heating chamber of the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 uses a coil-less heating pad, you don’t have to worry about touching exposed heating coils.

To clean the Pulsar APX VOLT V3 chamber, turn the unit off, let the device cool, and wipe the inside of the chamber with isopropyl alcohol.


The APX VOLT V3 rings with a $70 dollar price tag, which seems inexpensive for its rich set of features, some only seen in much higher priced models in its segment.

Of course, there are myriad cheaper options out there, but if you want a no-frill vaping device that delivers great performance and durability, you really can’t go wrong with the APX VOLT V3.

Pulsar APX VOLT V3 Review Summary

The APX VOLT V3 is by no means the best vaporizer available, but if you’re looking for smooth hits, great battery life, quick heating time, and an LED display, it’s hard to beat.

It comes with everything you need to get started, so all you need is your favorite wax strain for a flavorful vaping session.

To top things off, the APX VOLT V3 is backed by a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer defects. 

Check it out and get yours here

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