Mailing Edibles Guide – Can You Ship THC/Weed In the Mail?

mailing edibles

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Are you thinking about mailing some weed or THC edibles? Well, here’s everything you need to know about it, summarized with examples. This article is about the United States laws only.


  1. Laws Around Mailing Weed Edibles
  2. Mailing Hemp-Related Products
  3. Mail Edibles Through Private Companies
mailing edibles

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Laws Around Mailing Weed Edibles

I’ll say this upfront so there is no misunderstanding.

It is illegal to mail edibles within the USA, regardless of where you are sending from or to. This is because marijuana is still a controlled substance at the federal level, and the USPS is a federal organization. The same is true for any products containing marijuana or THC, such as vape cartridges, oils, resin, flower, and so on. Now, just to make it super clear, a few examples.

For this example, say we want to mail weed edibles from Alabama to Washington. This would be illegal.

For this example, say we now want to mail weed edibles from Washington to Alabama. This would also. be illegal. And, this would be illegal regardless of how many “illegal states” the package would have to go through. If you mailed edibles from Colorado to Wyoming, two bordering states, this would still be illegal.

For this example, say we want to mail weed edibles from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This would still be illegal, even if the package never leaves California. See the trend here?

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Mailing Edibles within an Illegal State

Hopefully, this one goes without saying, but this is also illegal. Kinda obvious at this point, if you can’t mail from within California or Colorado, then you obviously can’t mail within Alabama, Georgia, etc…

The ONLY exception to the above is products made from hemp or CBD oil. But, to legally mail these products you will need:

  • a license to produce industrial hemp
  • the THC content of the product/s to be no greater than 0.3%

You can find out more details about these requirements from the USPS website.

Mail Edibles Through Private Companies

A lot of people think that mailing marijuana, THC, Delta or MMJ edibles (brownies, candies, mints, THC drinks, etc…) or related products through UPS, DHL, FedEx, or any other private mail company is a smarter alternative. It is not.

In fact, because these are private companies, they can all legally open up any parcel or piece of mail they want, without a warrant. If mailing through the USPS, because it’s a federal agency, they are legally required to acquire a search warrant. A search warrant can be obtained from the smell of weed coming from a package, or other suspicions.

Even though the USPS can easily obtain a search warrant for a package, they are still often the preferred method for people mailing cannabis and its derivatives within the United States.

Workarounds for Mailing MMJ

Some other suggestions to use at your own risk for mailing edibles would be:

  • packaging counts for MMJ items, make it as discrete as possible
  • Don’t use a return address and pay cash for the postage (basically nothing to connect you to the transaction)
  • use a fake name for the receiver
  • Don’t require a signature for the delivery
  • You’ll still get a tracking number so this is good if you want to know it has been delivered
  • Finally, to sum up. It’s illegal so use it at your own risk or peril.

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