Lookah – Brand Review

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Lookah is an online headshop with over a decade of experience. Although they started off as a wholesaler, selling only to other businesses, they have since expanded their offerings to all customers. And lucky for us too, because all of their glass products are hand blown, giving you that unique style you’re searching for and the quality you need. For those readers of ours that are based outside the US, don’t worry because Lookah ships globally.

Lookah Brand Review

Lookah’s Glass Pieces

If you’re looking for a more intricate piece, then Lookah’s Ta’taoo range is for you. This trademarked glass range gives you more than a dope way to get high; it’s a collection piece. The attention to detail is superb, and the broad range will satisfy even the pickiest of stoners.

Looking for something straight out of the science lab? Well, the Lookah Glass range covers that in spades. Your smoke will travel long distances and be so percolated by the time it reaches your mouth; it will deliver some of the smoothest hits you’ve experienced. I mean, what else do you expect from a piece that’s called Filtering Factory?

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Lookah Water Pipes Tataoo
Lookah Ta’taoo Glassware Range

Lookah’s Vaping Range

And then there’s their vapes. The new Seahorse Pro dab pen features a quartz cup technology patent. Either use with a cartridge, or fit it onto your favorite dab rig or bong. Or if you prefer dry herb vaporizers, they have one on the way. Their debut dry herb Ice Cream vaporizer is coming soon, with all the features you expect, like a magnetic mouthpiece, multiple temperature settings, a sleek design, and lots of colors to choose from.

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Lookah Vaporizers
Lookah’s Vaping Range

Future Expansion Plans

You might have already seen Lookah’s products before in headshops. If not though, expect to soon as the company is branching out their offerings. They plan on releasing a number of new products this year, including vaporizers for oil, wax, and dry herb.

Speaking of new products, there are some rumors going around that Lookah will be releasing a new product called the Unicorn later this year. Details are somewhat scarce, but the Unicorn will be a wax electric bong, similar to the Puffco Peak. One key difference to get excited about is it will be a lower price.

Lookah’s intentions are simple; to deliver innovative products that are designed to fulfill the customers’ needs, offering them the best function and an enjoyable experience so they keep coming back for more. And with a product offering as unique as theirs, it’s easy to see how they plan on achieving this.

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Lookah Unicorn
Lookah’s yet to be released Unicorn product

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