Is Weed Legal In Tonga?

is weed legal in Tonga

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Tonga is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It’s roughly a quarter the size of Rhode Island and has slightly above 100,000 people spread over 170 islands. Its tourism numbers have steadily grown over the last few decades, seeing over 50,000 people in recent years. This increase in tourism has led to a higher demand for weed. Despite this increased demand, both medical and recreational weed aren’t legal in Tonga.

is weed legal in Tonga

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Tonga Weed Laws

Specifics around the weed laws in Tonga seem to be non-existent on the internet, including from the Tongan government website itself. So, the only thing we can say for certain is that both medical and recreational weed use in Tonga isn’t legal.

Contrary to popular beliefs, generally speaking, the Pacific Islands have taken a far more conservative approach towards marijuana reform than their Caribbean counterparts. Even if you have a medical marijuana prescription, this won’t mean anything to Tongan police or authorities as it’s not classed as a legal substance.

Growing Weed in Tonga

Despite its small size and lack of land, in 2018 2,665 cannabis plants were discovered on the island group of Vava’u. This group of islands is roughly 200 miles (300km) from the largest island of Tongatapu and the country’s capital Nuku’alofa. Growing weed in Tonga is illegal, and six men were charged over illegal cultivation.

Looking to Legalize Hemp

Currently, hemp isn’t even legal in Tonga, let alone any form of actual weed or its derivatives for medical purposes. This could soon be changing, however. A leaked document revealed that the Tongan government may be looking to receive public consultation around legalizing hemp for commercial purposes.

While some public support is there for the cause, the church plays a large role in the internal affairs and social issues in Tonga.

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