Is Weed Legal In Slovenia?

is weed legal in Slovenia

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Beautiful Slovenia. One of the more overlooked European nations in my humble opinion. It’s also the first former Yugoslavian country that we have covered. While it misses a lot of the attention that Italy, Germany, and the UK get, that’s also part of the charm. Although weed is not legal in Slovenia, the country is far more progressive than most of the other former Yugoslav nations.

GDP wise, Slovenia is the richest former Yugoslav country when looking at per capita income, putting its citizens individual earnings on par with Italy.

is weed legal in Slovenia

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Weed Laws Slovenia

According to the 2008 Criminal Code of Slovenia, anything drug-related with the intention to sell or distribute is punishable by 1-10 years in jail. This can be increased to 3-15 years if the circumstances permit.

The Criminal Code also covers offering drugs for consumption, which is punishable by 6 months to 8 years in jail. If circumstances permit, however, this can be increased to 1-12 years.

Weed in Croatia – Slovenia’s neighbor

As for consuming cannabis yourself, well that’s where Slovenia sets itself apart from most of the other former Yugoslav nations. Recreational weed isn’t legal in Slovenia, but it has been decriminalized. This is assuming the quantity you have is considered for personal use only. As stated above, even offering cannabis to someone else could result in up to 12 years of jail time.

Growing Weed in Slovenia

It’s actually legal to grow weed in Slovenia, provided that it contains less than 0.2% THC content. As long as you aren’t growing in an area greater than 0.1 hectares, you also don’t need a license to do so. If you’re planning on getting high though, 0.2% THC won’t be enough. These limits are in line with the EU, which Slovenia is a member of.

Medical Marijuana in Slovenia

Medical weed is legal in Slovenia, or more specifically, cannabis derivatives. You cannot legally buy or consume raw cannabis flower for medical purposes. Instead, products like Sativex and low-THC oils are available. Definitely not full-blown medical marijuana, but it’s a start.

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