Is Weed Legal In Poland?

is weed legal in Poland

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Poland and conservative go hand-in-hand. The country has recently been making international news due to its “LGBT free zones”. Unsurprisingly, weed is not legal in Poland. But, there are a few caveats to this, with the largest one being medical use.

is weed legal in Poland

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Recreational Weed Laws Poland

So in Poland, being caught with any drug (including weed) could result in 3 years jail. This even includes small amounts deemed for personal possession. The option is there for prosecutors to discontinue criminal procedures for small amounts, however they don’t have to take it.

For trafficking, the severity obviously goes up. This could result in anywhere from 6 months to 12 years in prison, with the amount of the substance and other factors playing a part in the decision.

Medical Marijuana Poland

So Poland does have legal weed in the form of medical marijuana. Back in 2017, this was signed into law. Since then, progress has been slow. Currently, patients are required to get a doctor’s prescription for it, and then simply go to a pharmacy to fill it. But there have been numerous supply-side issues, with many patients missing out due to lack of geographical coverage and availability.

The Weed Situation in Hungary

There is currently no list of qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient in Poland. Instead, gaining a prescription will be at the doctor’s discretion. A big downside is that unlike other medication, patients are required to pay 100% of the fees for their medical marijuana.

Poland for Legal or Decriminalized Weed

Asked if they think that having small amounts of marijuana for personal use should be punished with prison, a survey by Kantar in July 2020 found the following responses:

  • 11% – Definitely Yes
  • 19% – Probably Yes
  • 28% – Probably Not
  • 27% – Definitely Not
  • 15% – Don’t Know

While a solid 30% of those surveyed believed personal weed use should lead to jail time, a more impressive 55% thought otherwise. This is an impressive figure for Poland, especially compared to polls completed in earlier years.

Different Cities, Different Attitudes

Poland is a large country, both from a population and size perspective (at least for Europe anyway). The country is slightly larger than Italy and has a population similar to California.

In some of the larger cities, you can smell weed in the air when around the tourist areas and bars. But just because you see other people lighting up does not mean you should too. Typically anyone smoking weed in public is far more discrete here than other places.

This is a big generalization, but typically the cities on the Belarus, Ukraine, and Slovakia side of the country are more conservative. This covers Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszow, and even Katowice and Kraków.

Places like Szczecin, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Łódź and Warsaw are seen as more liberal cities. Again though, this is a huge generalization. One thing you can count on is that if you choose to smoke weed in Poland, it won’t be legal anywhere. At least not yet, anyway.

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