Is Weed Legal in Paraguay?

is weed legal in Paraguay

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Paraguay is one of only two landlocked countries in South America. It is one of the poorest nations on the continent, making its price of weed very cheap for travelers. Weed isn’t legal in Paraguay, but the country has decriminalized possession for personal use. Paraguay is also one of the continent’s largest producers of cannabis, so seeing or smelling weed isn’t uncommon in the larger cities. In fact, at its peak, Paraguay was producing roughly 9% of the world’s weed. Let’s explore Paraguay’s cannabis laws, and the general cannabis climate in the country.

is weed legal in Paraguay

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Paraguay Has Legal Medical Weed

Although the law was passed back in 2017, Paraguay only began issuing its first licenses out in 2020. Most of this medical marijuana will be exported, however producers are required to donate 2% of total production to the state, according to Marijuana Business Daily. The state would then distribute this free of charge to patients who qualify.

Paraguay Weed Laws

In 1988 Paraguay decriminalized possession of weed for personal use. This is provided the amount is no more than 10 grams, and it is in fact for personal use only.

Weed and Colombia

So if you’re a tourist or traveler with Paraguay on your itinerary, just make sure to stick to less than 10 grams. Of course, the safest amount is 0 grams, so don’t blame us if you end up in trouble.

What’s Next for Paraguay?

Paraguay seems to be relatively chill about weed. But don’t get Paraguay confused with Uruguay, the first country to make weed legal in full. If you light up in public, even in the larger cities like Asuncion, you will most likely get a lot of looks your way.

Paraguay is one of the last South American countries to legalize medical cannabis, and there are only a few countries left on the continent yet to take that step. In general, the trend for cannabis on the continent is heading towards legalization, but until a bill becomes signed into law, we’ll have to wait and see on full recreational legalization.

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