Is Weed Legal In Nigeria?

is weed legal in Nigeria

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Nigeria is undoubtedly the most populous black nation on earth, priding itself as one of the world’s major oil-producing countries. However, weed, or Igbo as it’s popularly called isn’t legal and is considered taboo in Nigeria. An average Nigerian sees stoners as irresponsible and social deviants, while the religious folks attribute weed to the devil’s devices.

Nigeria’s cannabis laws are strict; hence there is no visible hemp industry despite it being grown widely in the country. Not just that, but over 10% of Nigerians consume cannabis every day, although in hiding and secrecy. The Telegraph found that Nigeria ranked third in the world on cannabis consumption.

is weed legal in Nigeria

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Weed Laws In Nigeria

Cannabis use is regulated and controlled by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency charged with combating narcotics trafficking in West Africa. Possession of cannabis is punishable by a minimum of 4 years in prison. Corruption is common, so actually being imprisoned isn’t a guarantee, but the law does call for it officially.

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In a more severe case, life imprisonment is most likely to be the outcome. To fight against cannabis, The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency commenced night patrols on major cities in Nigeria. The aim is simple – to intercept trucks used to transport cannabis.

In Nigerian universities, any student found smoking weed is most likely to be expelled. Weed, in Nigeria, is synonymous with eating the forbidden fruit. If you must, it is often in hiding. Only a few have roamed freely without any harassment; usually the wealthy in society.

What’s Next For Weed In Nigeria?

Will weed ever be legal in Nigeria? Legal cannabis cultivation is growing in Africa, and it is only expected to produce more. Numerous African countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana have legalized weed production. Going by this development, it is likely that Nigeria may do the same in the not-so-distant future. 

Due to the potential that weed offers, some Nigerian politicians are already advocating for its legalization. Although nothing has changed, there are positive expectations since more and more Nigerians are beginning to see nothing wrong with the recreational use of cannabis.

Getting Marijuana In Nigeria

Due to the illegality of cannabis in Nigeria, sourcing for it requires trundling along a lonely path. It is pretty affordable and readily available through street drug-running. Weed isn’t legal, yet it is easily accessible since more people grow cannabis at home in Nigeria. 

The number of consumers is on the rise, and there is a proliferation of street dealers aided by corrupt police officers. Sometimes, a leak could happen, and the police will bombard their hidden spot, arresting anyone on sight. 

When you dig a little deeper into weed use in Nigeria, even young consumers offer their guest weed as a form of hospitality. The Conversation discovered that in higher institutions, weed has helped boost student’s confidence and performance in examinations. 

For the inexperienced, finding weed dealers might be a daunting task until they hook up with some street gangs who know the right source. And rightly so given its illegal status. Hopefully, weed will be legal in Nigeria soon as it gets widely accepted.

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