Is Weed Legal in Monaco?

is weed legal in Monaco

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Monaco is officially the world’s second-smallest country, right after Vatican City. Monaco is so small that you can walk the length of the country in less than an hour. It’s a city-state on the French coast, halfway between the city of Nice in France, and the border with Italy. Although Monaco relies on France for certain affairs, such as defense, it does set its own laws. Weed isn’t legal in Monaco, but how illegal is it? And is it as prevalent as it is in France?

is weed legal in Monaco

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Weed in Monaco

Weed isn’t legal in Monaco, and tourists can have a hard time finding some. Monaco is often considered a playground for the rich. The streets are clean, the citizens are very wealthy, and street dealers are hard to find, often bordering on non-existent.

It is illegal to grow, possess, sell, buy or gift weed in Monaco. Given Monaco’s small population and presumably decent public spending budget, Monaco actually has one of the largest police forces in the world on a per-capita basis. That is, the number of police officers to citizens is far larger than the world average. For every 100,000 citizens, they have roughly 1,300 police officers.

Marijuana Laws in Monaco

According to, cannabis use is somewhat tolerated, despite its illegal status. Possession can result in jail time of up to one year, and a fine of up to 1800 Euros.

Roughly 9% of Monaco’s residents use cannabis at least once a year, data from a 2011 World Drug Report shows. Although far above the world average, this is still well below their French neighbor’s cannabis consumption.

Maybe that’s because of all the cocaine they’re doing instead? On that list, Monaco ranks 8th in the world, behind Spain, Scotland and England, but ahead of Ireland and Uruguay.

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