Is Weed Legal in Moldova?

is weed legal in Moldova

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Moldova. It is arguably the most unknown country in all of Europe, and with the lowest tourism rate in Europe, it’s easy to see why. Weed isn’t legal in Moldova, but the country has been making some steps towards legalization.

is weed legal in Moldova

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Weed Laws in Moldova

In 2008, the country of Moldova effectively decriminalized personal drug use. This does not mean that weed is legal in Moldova however, as personal drug use remains an administrative offense. Buying, selling, trafficking, and growing/manufacturing all remain criminal offenses.

For it to be classed as personal use, it must be considered a small amount without the purpose of distribution. What’s considered a small amount of cannabis? Well, we haven’t been able to find a proper source, but believe it to be 3 grams (mentioned further below).

If caught with a personal amount of cannabis in Moldova, you can still be subject to a fine of up to 60 MDL ($3.31 at time of writing), or 40 hours of community service. I’d know which one I’d prefer.

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Speaking with a Local Moldovan

To get a better understanding of the attitudes and ins and outs of weed in Moldova, we’ve asked a local for their opinions on the subject.

Q. How long have you lived in Moldova?
A. All my life

Q. Could you tell me a little about yourself?
A. I am 20 years old, I study at the tourism university, I live all my life in the capital Chisinau.

Q. What is the general attitude towards cannabis in Moldova? Are people slowly changing their minds?
A. Every third teenager or student has tried cannabis. People over 30 are usually against, but of course, there are about 5% who smoke. People over 50 are absolutely against cannabis. Yes, the situation is more tolerant than years ago, for example, if you have less than 3g, you will only pay about 40 euros as a fine.

Q. Are there certain areas of the country that are more pro-legalization? Are the larger cities typically more liberal with their views like in America?
A. I think that only in Chisinau there are some liberal visions, in other cities, there are too few users to form such a vision.

Q. Can you see Moldova legalizing recreational cannabis within the next 10 years? If yes, do you think it would be a fairly smooth implementation without a lot of backlash?
A. I don’t really believe in legalization even in 20 years. The country is too poorly educated. We don’t have sex education, and about 60-70 percent think that cannabis, cocaine, heroin & LSD are all similar.

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