Is Weed Legal In Malta?

is weed legal in Malta

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Malta is a tiny island country sitting in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Libya. Its size is only slightly larger than the borough of Queens, New York. While recreational weed use isn’t legal in Malta, the country does have a medical marijuana program. Also, the country has partially decriminalized weed use.

is weed legal in Malta

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Weed Laws in Malta Overview

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has three legal penalty classifications for the possibility of incarceration for possession of drugs for personal use:

  • not for minor drug possession
  • not for minor cannabis possession, but possible for other drugs
  • for any minor drug possession

Malta falls within the first category of not for minor drug possession. This means that provided you are only caught with an amount of cannabis deemed for personal possession in Malta, you likely won’t face the possibility of incarceration.

Of course, there are a lot of caveats to this. The definition of personal use changes from country to country, and there could be some circumstances that may see you dealt a harsher penalty.

Specific Weed Laws

If found guilty for minor possession of cannabis for personal use, a fine of 50 – 100 euros will be applied. If found within 100 meters of a school or other youth-related area, this will be considered an aggravated offense, and the punishment is likely to be more severe. The quantity of cannabis that is considered for personal use is not listed. Growing one cannabis plant at home for personal use will not carry a mandatory prison sentence, however.

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Medical Weed in Malta

Malta legalized medical marijuana back in 2018. To legally produce cannabis in the country, licenses and approvals are required from the governing body.

Patients must attain a doctor’s prescription to gain access to the program. To be eligible, there must not be another viable alternative for the illness, and the illness must be classified as debilitating. If successful in gaining access, all patient prescriptions are monitored for their amount and frequency, similar to other controlled substances.

What the Locals Think

So what do the locals think about all of this? Do they support or oppose legal weed in Malta? Well, according to a 2019 poll, only 23.6% of responders agreed that cannabis should be legalized for recreational use. Another 66.6% outright opposed, while 9.8% didn’t know. While this doesn’t look great, the poll only had 597 respondents.

Some areas of the island like Valletta and its surroundings are keen on the idea of weed tourism in Malta. For the next few years, however, the legal status of weed in Malta looks to be staying the same.

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