Is Weed Legal in Georgia? (Country)

is weed legal in Georgia country

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This article is about the country of Georgia, not the American state. The country of Georgia is part of the Caucus region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Depending on how you define Europe, the country could be part of either continent depending on the definition. Officially, weed is legal in the country of Georgia. But, conversely, Georgia is not considered to be in the same boat as Canada and Uruguay, the only two countries to have legal recreational weed in full.

is weed legal in Georgia country

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Georgia and its Place in the World

Georgia is by far the most cannabis-friendly former Soviet state. Even more surprising is that it borders some of Russia’s most violent and unstable regions, with legal weed just across the border. That’s not to say that Georgia doesn’t have its own share of conflicts (it definitely does), or that weed is the answer to achieving peace (it couldn’t hurt though). Georgia itself has two Russian-occupied territories; South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Both are contentious regions internationally in their own right.

Georgia might seem like a strange location for such liberal weed laws. Let’s explore the details of it all.

Weed Laws in Georgia (Country)

If you are an adult in Georgia, you can smoke weed without worrying about repercussions. There are a few caveats to this, however. If you smoking weed puts another person at risk, then you can still be legally punished.

In 2018 the Georgian constitutional court ruled that punishing a person for using marijuana restricts individuals freedom, putting the country’s laws somewhere between decriminalization and legalization.

Growing or selling weed in the country of Georgia will still remain a crime, however. The only thing that has been made legal in the country of Georgia is consuming weed.

What’s Next for Weed in Georgia?

The country of Georgia is also exploring the potential to export cannabis to other countries. With the medicinal marijuana market already quite matured, and the recreational market growing rapidly, this new industry for Georgia could further help their economy to grow.

Currently, Georgia’s GDP per capita is around $4,700 US per year, far smaller than the US’s at around $69,000 per year. Georgia’s economy has been steadily growing over the last few decades, from only around $750 (GDP per capita) at the start of the century. With Georgia open to the idea of embracing cannabis early on, this could set the country apart and put them onto an economic winner. At this stage though, it’s too early to know for sure.

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