Is Weed Legal in Czechia (Czech Republic)?

is weed legal in Czechia

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Previously one half of Czechoslovakia, then the Czech Republic, and now Czechia, it’s a country smack-bang in the middle of Europe, and is often thought of where Western Europe stops and Eastern Europe begins. As far as its weed laws go, it’s not in the middle at all. Although weed isn’t legal in Czechia, its laws are quite relaxed.

is weed legal in Czechia

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Weed Laws in Czechia

Possession of small amounts of drugs in Czechia is not a criminal offense. For cannabis, this limit has been set at 10 grams. This does not mean that smoking weed in Czechia is legal if you stay below this limit, but simply, that it’s not a criminal offense. You can still be fined for lighting up. Unless of course, you have a medical reason to, as medical use of weed was made legal in Czechia in 2013.

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Adults can possess up to 5 grams of hash before it becomes a criminal offense. They can also grow up to 5 cannabis plants at home too. Growing on a commercial scale, selling or trafficking are all very much still illegal in Czechia however.

Attitudes Towards Weed in Czechia

Czechia’s liberal drug laws have been around for some time now, so to its citizens, it’s really nothing new. Weed is prevalent and commonplace throughout a lot of the country, particularly in the larger cities of Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. Walking around in Prague you might even stumble upon a weed shop that sells smoking devices and even flower. But don’t get too excited, as this “flower” is almost certain to be very low in THC content. After all, selling anything else would be illegal.

If you are going to light up a joint or two while in Czechia, just remember to do it in private, and don’t carry more than 10 grams on you. Doing this is still technically illegal, but it’s not a criminal offense provided you’re an adult.

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