Is Weed Legal in Cyprus?

is weed legal in Cyprus

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The Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus is a country filled with irresistible beaches, and instability. The country is either part of Europe or Asia (or both), depending on how you define it. Its capital, Nicosia, is the only capital city in the world divided by fences and barriers that can’t be crossed, except for a few immigration points. Despite this instability, Cyprus is an EU member state and a popular tourist destination. And with tourists comes the desire from some to smoke some pot while in paradise. Weed is not legal in Cyprus however, at least not for recreational use, anyway. The country has recently approved medical use though.

is weed legal in Cyprus

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Cyprus Weed Laws

Cyprus has three classes of drug; A, B, and C. Class A is classified as the most dangerous, and C is the least. In Cyprus, cannabis is a class B drug.

If you are caught possessing a Class B drug in Cyprus for personal use, this can result in up to 8 years in prison. If it’s your first offense and you’re under 25, the maximum is reduced to 1 year.

For supply of cannabis in Cyprus, punishment goes up to life in prison.

Cannabis in Cyprus

Cannabis is the most common illicit substance in Cyprus, and like (all) most countries, cannabis use is most common amongst youth. When compared to other European nations, however, Cyprus has one of the lowest cannabis usage rates for those aged between 15 – 34.

Only 4.3% of respondents used cannabis in the last year (data from 2019). Only Hungary, Turkey, and Malta reported lower usage rates amongst young adults. For comparison, France, Italy and Czechia are the highest users with rates around 20%.

Price of Weed in Cyprus

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the price of weed in Cyprus is between 8 – 30 Euros per gram. At the time of writing, that’s roughly $9.50 to $35.50 US per gram.

Obviously way more expensive in Cyprus than what you’d be paying in the US or Canada, but having legal weed really increases the supply and pushes down prices.

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