Is Weed Legal In Curacao?

is weed legal in Curacao

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Curaçao is the most populated island that makes up the Dutch Caribbean. Sitting east of Aruba, this constituent country is also the largest in the group, with an area around 2.5 times the size of Washington DC. Weed isn’t currently legal in Curacao, however the country seems to be moving towards legalizing medical use.

is weed legal in Curacao

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Curacao & The Netherlands

Strictly speaking, Curacao is part of the Netherlands. The country of the Netherlands is made up of four main parts, being the Netherlands (the European country that everyone knows), Curaçao, St Maarten, and Aruba.

The last three are all located in the Caribbean, with Curacao and Aruba just north of the coast of Venezuela. While some laws and customs are shared between the different parts, Curacao sets a lot of their own laws and methods for governing. Unfortunately, Curacao does not share the same leniencies as that of the European Netherlands towards weed.

Unlike Aruba, English is one of the official languages in Curacao. In the capital city of Willemstad, English is particularly common.

Weed in Aruba

Weed Laws in Curacao

Weed isn’t legal in Curacao. Possession of small amounts is punishable by law, according to We’ve reached out to them for further information around the laws and leniency, however have not heard back.

Medical Marijuana in Curacao

Curacao appears to be moving towards legalizing medical marijuana. While there’s no direct evidence of this, has stated that in 2020 (or possibly 2021 now), production of medicinal cannabis for use and export will start.

Like all of the Caribbean region, Curacao has a near-perfect climate for growing cannabis. Where it sets itself apart, however, is the fact that Curacao is not in the hurricane belt. Hurricanes pose a huge risk to cannabis crops, so investors and growers can be more confident in growing weed in Curacao than on other Caribbean islands.

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