Is Weed Legal in Coquitlam, BC?

Is Weed Legal in Coquitlam, BC?
Is Weed Legal in Coquitlam, BC?

The Cannabis Act of the federal government went into effect on October 17, 2018, legalizing the sale and use of non-medical cannabis, subject to provincial and municipal regulations.

Since then, the City of Coquitlam has performed background research and public consultations to build its own Cannabis Regulatory Framework, which will govern cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail outlets in the City.

The proposed Cannabis Regulatory Framework, which includes revisions to the Zoning Bylaw, Business Licence Bylaw, Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw, and Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, was passed by Coquitlam Council on December 13, 2021. 

The Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Legalizing cannabis is a complicated process that requires collaboration from all three levels of government. Under the Cannabis Act, the federal government legalizes non-medical cannabis and associated Criminal Code modifications about impaired driving. Visit for additional information. The provincial government supervises the purchase and use of cannabis and possession limitations, wholesale and weed delivery.

Local governments have the jurisdiction to control some parts of the cannabis sector, including whether and where cannabis-related enterprises like manufacturing and processing facilities and retail storefronts may be situated and how these firms are licensed. 

Law Against Smoking Cannabis

Cannabis smoking and vaping are not lawful under the City’s Smoking Control Bylaw. This regulation implies that smoking and vaping cannabis is not legal in any area where the bylaw prohibits it, such as City parks, transit shelters, and places of public assembly.

In addition to the City’s Smoking Control Bylaw, the Province’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act have consumption guidelines that apply throughout the province. In general, such regulations permit cannabis smoking on private residential premises; although, personal norms and rules may apply, such as strata bylaws and residential tenancy agreements.

Present Situation of Weed Legality in Coquitlam

The proposed Cannabis Regulatory Framework, which includes revisions to the Zoning Bylaw, Business Licence Bylaw, Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw, and Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, was passed by Coquitlam Council on December 13, 2021. The framework establishes regulations for the placement and operation of cannabis manufacturing and processing facilities and retail establishments in Coquitlam. Additional advice for the consideration of cannabis-related applications comes from the Cannabis Production, Processing, and Retail Policy and Procedure, which includes the development of a retail shop application intake period, review procedure, and evaluation criteria.

As the supporting bylaw amendments go ahead to a Public Hearing, Coquitlam is one step closer to regulating the development and sale of cannabis in the municipality. Since mid-2020, the Cannabis Regulatory Framework has been in the works to foster economic growth for a growing business sector while avoiding community consequences.

Details of the Proposed Framework

  • For cannabis cultivation and processing:

Indoor manufacturing and processing would be permitted in Industrial zones, whether in independent buildings or inside stratified structures, without the need for further Council clearance. Indoor processing would be lawful in Business Enterprise zones, with no further Council permission required.

Cannabis manufacturing and processing facilities would need to be different from sensitive land use by 200 meters (e.g., residential areas, schools, parks, child care). The Building Permit application procedure would be the process to assess the applications. Via this process, staff would guarantee that any unique factors such as air quality, product storage, by-products, waste, and wastewater follow the regulations.

  • For public retail sales of cannabis items and accessories:

Council would examine retail sales in commercial zones on a case-by-case basis via a site-specific zoning modification procedure. Zoning amendment applications intake will begin from January 4 to 14, 2022, and their handling will be in two batches – one for City Centre and one for Southwest Coquitlam (including two public hearings).

The City’s Cannabis Production, Processing, and Retail Policy and Procedure would provide the metrics to evaluate applications for cannabis retail establishments. In the beginning, just two shops in City Centre would be considered, with one store each in Burquitlam, Lougheed, Austin Heights, and Maillardville. Schools must be at a safe distance, and parks and other locations where children or youngsters are often found, such as leisure centers, daycares, and learning centers, must also be kept at a safe distance.

Transparent windows and clear sightlines into the storefronts would guarantee that lively street frontages are maintained.

Steps to Follow

In early 2021, the City released a survey to obtain feedback on the City’s strategy to regulate cannabis-related companies in Coquitlam. The information gathered was utilized to help the City develop its Cannabis Regulatory Framework. The City’s online involvement site,, has further information on the engagement process.

The most critical factor you must consider when purchasing marijuana is the legal conditions. If you live in the Canadian province of Coquitlam and want to sample marijuana, buying it online may be the best choice. 

Reasons to Buy Marijuana Online:

  • Time-saving and cost-effective

Most individuals prefer online buying over visiting a dispensary since it is convenient. You may get marijuana online at your leisure, anytime, and from any location. Most online retailers make it simple for consumers to cancel or return purchases if necessary. In Coquitlam, you may even obtain same-day cannabis delivery. Cannabis sold on the internet is often less expensive than weed sold at local dispensaries. Online cannabis purchasing is also cost-effective because of the many discounts and bonuses.

  • Access to a Larger Range of Products

Physical retailers seldom offer many kinds and types of weeds simultaneously. On the other hand, online shopping allows you to choose from a more significant assortment with a simple click of a button. However, if you want to buy authentic, high-quality marijuana online, you must closely check the vendor’s reliability.

  • A Quiet Shopping Alternative

Consuming marijuana is a personal decision, and you may not want curious eyes to intrude on your privacy. You may buy what you need secretly online and have it delivered to your home with online cannabis purchasing. You would not even have to leave your house to locate a shop that sells legal marijuana. You will never worry about your privacy when you buy cannabis online.

  • Quality Assurance and Transparency

You may browse through all of the internal and third-party lab testing results when shopping for cannabis online, ensuring that you never have to compromise on quality. All sellers who sell their items via websites follow specific guidelines to guarantee secure and transparent transactions. You will have full access to all relevant papers, including raw material origins, product purity, and strain information.


The legal landscape regarding cannabis in Coquitlam, BC, is evolving rapidly. Keep a close eye on the legal situation to stay on top of the regulations.

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