Is Weed Legal in Bangladesh?

is weed legal in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a South-Asian country with a lot of problems on its horizon. Specifically, the risks of flooding and rising sea levels (amongst other things). Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world that you can easily see on a standard map. This density is creating enormous pressure on the country, with the rate of climate refugees expected to continue growing. The least susceptible regions to flooding also happen to be the largest cannabis-producing regions. Weed isn’t currently legal in Bangladesh, however, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

is weed legal in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Weed Laws

Information around the cannabis laws in Bangladesh is scarce at best. What we have found is the following:

  • possession of less than 2kgs of cannabis could result in 10 years imprisonment
  • possession of more than 2kgs of cannabis could result in lifetime imprisonment

This is according to Tareque Habib, Deputy News Editor and Bangladeshi local. The death penalty part is supported by the book “The Death Penalty: A Worldwide Perspective“.

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What’s Next for Bangladesh Cannabis?

Unfortunately at this stage, the legal fabric for weed in Bangladesh doesn’t look to be changing. In fact, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently been looking to further increase drug penalties.

This recent campaign was primarily focused on ‘yaba’, methamphetamine pills that have been increasing in popularity, but also targeted smoking cannabis in shisha water pipes.

This crackdown has been viewed by many as an attempt to stay in power, following a similar route to Duterte in the Philippines. At the end of December 2018, Sheikh Hasina and her party Awami League won 96% of the vote, easily returning her to power for another term.

Any lifting on cannabis laws in Bangladesh likely won’t happen until there is a new leader of the country, or, a major change of heart.

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