Is Weed Legal In Algeria?

is weed legal in Algeria

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Algeria is the largest country in Africa, with the vast Sahara desert covering over 80% of the land. Population-wise, Algeria is the 9th most populous country in Africa, with most of its population living along the coastline, close to Spain and its half legal weed society.

Although Algeria’s population is largely Muslim, support for a more relaxed cannabis environment within the country is definitely present, although still a slim minority.

is weed legal in Algeria

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Algeria’s Place in Africa

Algeria has the highest human development index out of all African nations that are part of the mainland continent. Only Mauritius and Seychelles, two small island nations beat out Algeria. The human development index measures life expectancy, education, and per capita incomes. The higher the score, the more developed the country is considered, at least for this specific equation anyway.

Algeria had a score of 0.748 based on 2019 data, the most recent data at the time of publishing. This puts the country higher than Fiji but lower than Moldova.

Weed Laws in Algeria

In Algeria, the legal status of weed is the same as most of the world – illegal. According to, six months in prison might happen for anyone using or just possessing cannabis in Algeria. Unsurprisingly, growing, selling, trafficking, and gifting cannabis and cannabis products is also illegal. Large-scale trafficking can result in up to 20 years behind bars.

Algeria borders Morocco, the world’s largest exporter of hash. This has been a contributing factor to a recent crackdown on trafficking within the country. CBD and CBD products are also illegal in Algeria.

What’s Next for Weed in Algeria?

Algeria is a very unlikely contender to legalize weed anytime soon. Although still unlikely, the most feasible path to legalization would likely be pressure from its neighboring countries.

Out of all of Algeria’s neighbors, Morocco is looking the most likely to legalize weed in the future (although these chances are slim too). Last year in 2020 Morocco voted yes to reschedule cannabis in a United Nations vote, making it and South Africa the only yes votes within Africa.

Algeria, who also voted on the rescheduling, voted no.

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