Is Weed Legal In Alabama?

is weed legal in Alabama

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If you’re passingly familiar with Lynard Skynyrd you’ll know Alabama is the place of sweet homes and blue skies. The lyrics go on further to touch on the political sentiment of Alabama that carries through to this day. A sentiment that has had a very real impact on the legal status of weed in Alabama. With some of the toughest penalties in the USA, Alabama is not a marijuana friendly state. So while Alabama might be the place of blue skies, it may not the sweetest of homes. If it was up to the residents of Alabama however, weed would’ve been legalized yesterday.

Alabama has recently joined the ranks of states that have embraced the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Effective from January 1, 2023, the state has instituted the Darren Wesley “Ato” Hall Compassion Act. This groundbreaking legislation paves the way for patients with specific medical conditions to secure a medical cannabis card, granting them the privilege to procure medical cannabis products from authorized dispensaries.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Benefit?

Alabama’s medical cannabis law specifies a list of medical conditions that make a patient eligible for cannabis treatment. These include:

  • Cancer: Recognized for its pain-relieving properties, cannabis can alleviate some of the discomforts associated with cancer treatments.
  • Chronic Pain: Persistent pain that affects daily activities can be managed with medical cannabis.
  • Digestive Disorders: Conditions like Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis have shown improvement with cannabis treatment.
  • Neurological Conditions: Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and seizures can be treated with cannabis to reduce symptoms.
  • Mental Health Conditions: PTSD and Tourette syndrome patients have reported relief with cannabis use.
  • Blood Disorders: Sickle cell anemia and spasticity patients can benefit from cannabis treatment.
  • Terminal Illnesses: Those with a limited life expectancy can use cannabis for pain management and improved quality of life.
  • Veterans: A VA certification of a service-connected disability can also make one eligible.

Securing Your Medical Cannabis Card: The Process

For Alabamians wishing to benefit from this legislation, there’s a clear process to follow:

  1. Age and Identification: You must be 19 or older and possess a valid Alabama driver’s license or ID.
  2. Medical Certification: A licensed physician must provide written confirmation that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions.
  3. Purchase Limits: Once armed with a medical cannabis card, patients can buy up to 30 grams of medical cannabis flower monthly. This also extends to its equivalent in other forms like edibles, concentrates, and oils.

Recreational Use: Still Off the Table

It’s crucial to note that recreational cannabis remains prohibited in Alabama. Any possession of cannabis without the medical card is considered a misdemeanor, carrying a penalty of up to a year in jail and a fine that can reach $6,000.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Medical Cannabis in Alabama

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is diligently working on licensing businesses for the cultivation, processing, and distribution of medical cannabis. The state anticipates the inauguration of the first medical cannabis dispensaries by early 2024.

Implications for Alabamians

For those diagnosed with a qualifying condition, this legislation offers a beacon of hope. Medical cannabis can be a game-changer in managing and alleviating symptoms. However, if you don’t fall under the specified conditions, patience is key. The purchase of cannabis products will only be possible once recreational use gets the green light.

is weed legal in Alabama

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Weed Laws In Alabama

First the good news. In Jefferson County, Alabama, weed for personal use has been partially decriminalized. Jefferson County is home to Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city. Misdemeanor possession is now handled with citation rather than arrest. However, the rest of the state doesn’t share Birmingham’s marijuana reform. In any other part of the state, possession of any amount of marijuana carries the risk of 1-year prison and a $6000 fine. Alabama has mandatory minimum sentencing, so on charges other than misdemeanor possession, that begins to take effect. Selling carries a minimum 2-year sentence, with a maximum of 20 years, and $30,000 fine. That can however be extended to life in prison if selling to a minor.

Medical Marijuana In Alabama

On the medicinal front, the laws are beginning to change. On March 12, 2020, the Alabama Senate approved a medicinal marijuana bill. While not signed into law just yet, the state is inching ever closer. Currently, the state only has access to CBD oil through a state-run trial. The trial allows sufferers of debilitating epileptic conditions access to the medical CBD program.

In comparison, the 2020 bill provides much more access. While smoking and vaping products aren’t covered, edibles, tablets, and creams are. The bill expands upon the qualifying conditions, such as PTSD and anxiety. The proposed bill now faces its toughest hurdle in the house of representatives, before becoming law.

Public Opinion

With talk in the state turning towards legalization, there has been lash back from the government. In January of 2020, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall decried expanding medicinal programs. Delivered in letter, the reasons for opposition include items such as, “marijuana is an addictive drug“, and “It is disproportionately used for chronic pain in states where it is legal, which results in long-term use with potential negative effect“.

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The Attorney General’s opposition to legalization is not mirrored in the public, however. An Alabama news poll from February 2020 found that 84% of the 2,200 respondents wanted total legalization. 13% were for legalizing medical marijuana only, while the remaining 3% were opposed to both. While this was just a small news poll, those are some very impressive figures. Assuming they would roughly mirror the overall state’s opinion, Alabama is far more pro-marijuana than the average American state.

In spite of select outcries, it appears Alabama is on track to deliver further legalization. The public is in open support. The success of Birmingham’s decriminalization speaks for itself. As some continue to while away in misinformation and out-dated views, Alabama may be beginning to reject tradition for traditions’ sake. Ultimately, Alabama seems to have just been caught behind the times, and are looking to embrace the future with the rest of the United States and the world. Here’s to legal weed in Alabama soon.

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