Is Marijuana Legal In Panama?

is marijuana legal in Panama

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When you think of Panama, images of Panama City’s impressive skyline probably spring to mind, with Trump Tower to one side. What you may not immediately think about is Panama City’s ridiculously cheap weed. reported a gram costing just $3.85, enough to make any American jealous. Medical marijuana isn’t currently legal in Panama, but the country is going through a legalization review process right now.

is marijuana legal in Panama

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Panama Weed Laws

Specifics about the weed laws in Panama are scarce, both in English and Spanish. What we have found is that possessing even a small amount of drugs is punishable by a minimum of one year in prison.

The source we found that information from doesn’t have a date and doesn’t appear all that credible, so take it with a grain of salt. What you can be sure about though, is that Panama takes its drug laws very seriously. They are the gateway between South America and North America, and are aware of the role Panama plays in drug trafficking. While cocaine might take the trafficking spotlight, authorities are still very vigilant around cannabis too.

Panama Looking to Legal Medical Marijuana

Panama has been looking at options and routes for medical legalization for a number of years now. In March 2020, Bill 153, which establishes the measures to regulate the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis was approved in its first debate.

Further details around its progress currently aren’t available, however if Panama was to get legal medical marijuana, it would become the first country in Central America to do so.

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Weed Tourism Latin America

If you’re looking at opportunities for weed tourism in Panama and Panama City, can we recommend you look to their neighbors instead? Both Costa Rica and Colombia are known to be more tolerant towards marijuana, although it’s still illegal in both countries.

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