Is Marijuana Legal In Denmark?

is marijuana legal in Denmark

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In Denmark, marijuana is considered a fairly soft drug, however, unlawful use can still land you in legal trouble. Medical marijuana is legal in Denmark, while recreational is still illegal. If you’re thinking of traveling to Denmark and enjoy getting high on holidays, then you’ll want to know about the community of Christiania. Although it’s situated in the heart of Copenhagen, this area works quite differently to the rest of the city. In a few years time though, the Danish marijuana market could be flipped on its head.

is marijuana legal in Denmark

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Marijuana Laws In Denmark

Though recreational cannabis is not currently legal in Denmark, they are generally far from strict on the matter. Police are generally not overly concerned with small amounts for personal and recreational use. Typically, for a first-time offense of possession, you’ll receive a fine. Under certain circumstances, if you are caught with a small amount of cannabis on your person, you may even be given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. This would only occur for less than 10 grams of hash or 50 grams of grass.

The general attitude towards weed in Denmark is far from dogmatic, and the future of weed for the Danes is looking bright. In fact, Denmark has recently become one of the many countries where legal medical marijuana is slowly becoming a reality.

Medical Marijuana In Denmark

In January 2018, certain medicinal THC and CBD products were legalized, and over the last year, more medicinal options have become available. This fledgling medicinal system has already shown incredible promise, and its popularity could lead to full legalization. Currently, Denmark is taking part in a 4 year trial period to assess the impact on growers, patients, and doctors as well as Denmark’s economy. 

Initially, only oils were available for prescription, but the trial has now moved on to dried cannabis. Last year there were 429 prescribing doctors and over 2000 patients involved in the trial. Over the next two years, experts are expecting a dramatic rise in popularity and a lowering of prescription costs.

Unfortunately, the current price of prescriptions is an issue for most, although a government majority has already approved full refunds for terminal patients. They have also allotted 10,000 DKK (~$1450 USD) per annum for all other patients. As popularity for medicinal cannabis swells, funding is expected to increase.

This is definitely an exciting step forward for cannabis in Denmark. If you’re traveling to Denmark and don’t have a prescription however, you might want to know about the area of Christiania.

The Hippie Haven Of Christiania

Hidden in the heart of the city is the wonderful “freetown” of Christiania. This gorgeous little neighborhood was founded in the ’70s by a group of squatters, wanderers, and hippies. Christiania is considered to be a haven for stoners, creatives, and free spirits. Known not only for its weed blind spot, but also for its beautiful graffiti art, adorable cafe’s and laid back, loving residents. Pusher Street is known as the heart of the community. This area is home to a number of little booths and shops where you can purchase a variety of cannabis-themed products. 

Around 850 people live in Christiania, and they’ve built it into a thriving bohemian paradise. Alongside the easygoing attitude to cannabis, this hideaway is famous for its culture and community. Although police often turn a blind eye to the area, marijuana is still illegal here, so keep that in mind if visiting.

Public Support for Legal Marijuana In Denmark

From a 2017 study, over 80% of Denmark was fully in favor of legal medicinal cannabis. Only 5% of the population was against medicinal marijuana, while the remaining 15% were undecided. When asked about recreational marijuana though, public support vastly dropped.

From the same 2017 study, only 36% of Danes supported legalizing recreational marijuana. 45% were against, with the remaining people being undecided. Support since 2017 has likely increased, however, support dropping from 80% to 36% is huge.

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Since that study, however, a lot has happened within the Danish political sphere. Or, to be more specific, the capital city of Copenhagen’s political sphere.

Copenhagen Set To Trial Recreational Marijuana

In an astonishing display of support, 44 out of 55 city council representatives voted for a proposal that would see legal cannabis dispensaries around Copenhagen. The new left-leaning government wants to take on the black market, which currently supplies the majority of cannabis to Danes.

At this stage it is just a proposal, however, if successful, this could lead to legal recreational marijuana across Denmark. In the meantime pay a visit to the freetown of Christiania and have yourself a truly wholesome experience. 

Another cannabis-friendly country in Europe is Spain. Have a read to see what their current laws are like. Spoiler alert – they’re far more confusing than Denmark’s.

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