Is Marijuana Legal In Aruba?

is marijuana legal in Aruba

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The tiny constituent country of Aruba is a popular tourist destination for Americans and Europeans. Being part of the Netherlands, many people assume marijuana is legal in Aruba. This is not the case however, and the same liberal views towards marijuana aren’t as common throughout Aruba as they are in Amsterdam.

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What And Where Is Aruba?

Aruba is a small constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the sovereign state. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of the Netherlands in Europe, and Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. The three island nations are semi-autonomous and have their own parliament.

Aruba sits around 18 mi (29 km) north from the coast of Venezuela. It spans an area of 69 sq mi (179 sq km), or around the same size as Washington D.C. It has a population of around 117,000 people, with 38,000 residing in the capital of Oranjestad.

There is no legal marijuana in Aruba, including both medical and recreational. Although generally tolerated to a lesser extent than their European capital of Amsterdam, marijuana in Aruba is still around. Anywhere there’s a high amount of tourists, you’ll likely be able to find marijuana. Whether finding marijuana is a smart decision though is a completely different question.

According to MTL Blog, the laws against cannabis in Aruba are severe. Things might soon be changing though, with the Minister of Science recently making a big announcement.

Why Isn’t Marijuana Legal in Aruba?

Sorting out the issue of weed legality in Aruba is tricky, thanks to a bunch of influencing elements. Primarily, the Aruban government harbors concerns about the potential adverse effects of legalizing marijuana. The main worry is that legalizing weed could lead to more young people lighting up, as it would be much easier for them to get their hands on pot. Additionally, there’s apprehension about a potential rise in crime rates, a common argument in the debate against legalization.

Another critical factor is Aruba’s status as a renowned tourist haven. The government’s playing it safe, not wanting to seem like they’re giving a thumbs up to drug use. They are keen on maintaining Aruba’s reputation as a family-friendly destination, and there’s a belief that legalizing marijuana could tarnish this image.

Potential Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana in Aruba

On the flip side, legalizing marijuana in Aruba could bring several benefits. One major upside could be the influx of tax money that we could use to give a facelift to our public services and infrastructure. The cash surge from making pot legal lays down a strong pitch for its approval.

Legalizing marijuana in Aruba could help people by giving them access to cannabis for medical reasons. Legalizing marijuana would be huge to help people who are hurting and don’t have many choices now.

An additional plus point could be the significant shrinkage of the illegal weed trade. If weed gets the green light in Aruba, it could tighten up control and slash both shady deals and related crimes.

Potential Risks of Legalizing Marijuana in Aruba

However, the path to legalization is fraught with potential risks. One major worry is that legalizing weed might let more teens try it out, and this could lead to serious health issues and social problems down the line.

Making pot legal, particularly for just kicking back, could potentially cause a jump in the crime scene. Especially when it comes to keeping folks safe and the peace intact, this worry holds a lot of weight.

Furthermore, Aruba’s image as a safe, family-oriented tourist destination could suffer. If Aruba gets a reputation for being cool with drugs, it might turn off some tourists and hit the tourism biz hard.

The Future Of Marijuana In Aruba

Predicting the future trajectory of marijuana legalization in Aruba is challenging. While the government is pretty firm on keeping recreational weed illegal, they seem more open to considering medical pot. Given enough backing from the public and convincing proof of its positive impacts, it’s not outlandish to think that medical marijuana could become legal down the line.

However, the possibility of marijuana remaining illegal in Aruba for the foreseeable future cannot be discounted. Whether weed gets the green light in Aruba boils down to a mix of people’s views, what the government thinks, and how drug laws are shifting globally. Aruba’s path to pot legalization is still up in the air, tangled in heated debates and uncertain predictions.

The Science Minister of Aruba announced that a medical cannabis product will be legalized soon, and available in pharmacies. Although more concrete details around this are currently lacking, the coronavirus pandemic may be forcing the hand of the Aruban government.

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