Illadelph vs Roor – Google Trends Analysis

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Which US states google Illadelph vs Roor the most? We’ve analyzed Google Trends to see which states favor these two common bong brands. Is the list what you thought it would be?

What The Values Mean

All data was taken from Google Trends for the last 12 months and for the United States only. These rankings show the ratio of the two terms, Illadelph vs Roor, so all states have an even playing field.

A value of 90/10 means 90% of searches done for either Illadelph or Roor, were for Illadelph, and the other 10% were for Roor. A value of 40/60 means 40% were for Illadelph, and 60% for Roor.

Scroll down to see the complete list!

Illadelph vs Roor

Full List

  1. 100/0 (tied)
    1. Delaware
    2. Vermont
  2. Pennsylvania – 84/16
  3. New Jersey – 65/35
  4. Utah – 62/38
  5. 61/39 (tied)
    1. Colorado
    2. New York
  6. Oregon – 58/42
  7. Indiana – 56/44
  8. 55/45 (tied)
    1. Connecticut
    2. Massachusetts
    3. Arizona
  9. 52/48 (tied)
    1. Rhode Island
    2. California
    3. Florida
  10. Maryland – 49/51
  11. 42/58 (tied)
    1. Michigan
    2. Illinois
    3. Wisconsin
  12. 41/59 (tied)
    1. Alabama
    2. Washington
    3. Louisiana
    4. Kentucky
  13. 40/60 (tied)
    1. Virginia
    2. South Carolina
  14. Missouri – 38/62
  15. Minnesota – 37/63
  16. 34/66 (tied)
    1. North Carolina
    2. Texas
  17. Ohio – 32/68
  18. Georgia – 31/69
  19. Tennessee – 30/70
  20. Nevada – 26/74
  21. 0/100 (tied)
    1. Maine
    2. West Virginia
    3. Hawaii
    4. New Mexico
    5. Idaho
    6. Oklahoma
    7. Iowa
    8. Kansas
    9. Arkansas
    10. Mississippi
    11. Nebraska
  22. Not enough data
    1. New Hampshire
    2. South Dakota
    3. Montana
    4. Alaska
    5. North Dakota
    6. Wyoming

Special Mentions

The first special mention goes to both Delaware and Vermont. These two states both scored 100/0, meaning 100% (or very close to it) of their google searches for either Illadelph or Roor, is for Illadelph.

The next special mention goes to the 11 states that are the complete opposite, having scored 0/100. Maine, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Nebraska only search for Roor.

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Google Trends Bongs – US States Comparison

The last special mention goes to New Hampshire, South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming. None of these states had enough data to be listed, which makes sense given their relatively small populations and lack of legal weed, except Alaska of course.

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