How to Quality Check Kratom

How to Quality Check Kratom

Like any other product you would buy in stores, you’ll always try to determine the quality of Kratom whenever you order it from an online shop. You can buy fresh kratom powder, as it is the newest craze here in the US, and it’s becoming even more popular as more people find out about this God-given substance.

Because Kratom became so popular, there will always be someone that will try to make easy money from it and try to scam you by selling you a contaminated product. With so many vendors online, how can you be sure if you’re getting pure Kratom?

You’re not the only one concerned about this matter, and you have all the right to worry about your health when consuming Kratom. We investigated this topic and got some interesting facts you should consider next time you go online and order Kratom powder or capsules.

Here’s what we got.

Reasons to worry

You doubting a particular brand about the purity of Kratom in their offer is a normal thing as you might have guessed quite a few scammers are trying to sell you poor quality and contaminated products. Like drug dealers contaminating heavy drugs to get more on the volume, Kratom distributors tend to do the same.

When you order Kratom and get such a product instead of pure powder, you risk your health by consuming unknown substances, and instead of benefiting from Kratom’s benefits, you might end up harming yourself.

Kratom helps many people trying to:

  • Increase morale
  • Boost energy
  • Fight insomnia
  • Gain focus
  • Fight chronic pain

Different strains of Kratom are suitable for these symptoms, and many people find it a remedy to help them live their lives with fewer worries. Therefore, it might harm you more than it would help you if the product has been tampered with.

Safety precautions

Discovering scammers online that would sell you contaminated Kratom is not an easy task, but there are some things you can pre-check before ordering from a particular vendor.

If you’re not familiar with the vendor you’re checking out, first, you can ask your close friends if they have any negative feedback when buying products from them. Alternatively, you can check many Kratom forums online to identify harmful products and brands by reading many discussions.

Reviews are one of the main features of any reputable online shop, and if you see that a vendor doesn’t have a comment section available under its products, it should be your first red flag that something might not be right. 

However, the most important thing to check when browsing an online Kratom shop is if they have all their products lab tested and posted the results on their site. Independent lab testing is essential when dealing with potent substances, and it may be the only thing to save your health.

All transparent online shops post their lab analysis on their website, which gives you some confidence that you’re getting pure Kratom

Buying from the best

In our humble opinion, after investigating this urgent matter, we concluded that you should avoid making purchases from unknown brands and stick to the best ones to ensure you’re getting the best quality Kratom.

It may sound like an advertisement for the top brands, but it’s our advice that will help you preserve your health and get the best Kratom with high potency. The best in the business look out for their customers, and they would not compromise their brand’s name by trying to trick people.

Serious vendors spent a lot of time and money creating their brand, and it’s unlikely they would compromise all that effort to make a few extra bucks.

If you still have doubts, you can do testing of your own. Order a small package of Kratom from a shady vendor that might seem like a scammer and from one of the top brands in the business. Compare the two packages visually, and then try each of them to check out their potency level. 

You will soon find out that cheap Kratom from dodgy vendors has less power, and it doesn’t have enough kick you love to see from a Kratom powder. We did this to prove our point, and we got astonishing results. 


Buying pure Kratom powder or capsules is an essential thing if you want to experience its health benefits. However, we must mention that you should always take precautions to ensure you’ll get exactly that.

Consuming only the best quality Kratom will not leave any marks on your body, and you can feel confident drinking it every day. It’s crucial to take Kratom responsibly, as large doses could lead to addiction. Stay moderate, and enjoy the benefits of the God-given substance.

Zak Voss, the founder of The THC Times, brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, blending his engineering background with extensive legal and technical expertise. Renowned for his consultancy in cannabis legalities and indoor growing environments, Zak is a vital guide for navigating the complex cannabis landscape.