How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body?


For individuals who get randomized drug tests or looking to enter certain professions where drug tests are commonly enforced, you may be wondering about how long Cannabis will stay in your body.

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In general, there isn’t a clear-cut answer because it’ll depend on how many times you’ve used it and how frequent you’ve been smoking.

Typically, marijuana can be detected in body fluids ranging from one to thirty days after the last use. However, for individuals who smoke daily, it can be detected several months after their previous use.

How long will weed be detectable for drug tests

Drug tests commonly measure the metabolites in your body because they stay in your system long after the effects of weed have worn off. These metabolites are by-products of marijuana and are the primary indicator of drug use in the workplace.

Urine tests

The Mayo Clinic Proceedings have published their estimated time that weed can be detected in the urine based on the frequency of weed use:

Infrequent Users (up to three times per week) – Three Days

Modest Users – (four times per week) – Five to Seven Days

Daily Users – Ten to Fifteen Days

Chronic Users – (multiple times per day) – Over Thirty Days

Metabolites stay in the fatty lipids of your body, otherwise known as fat-soluble. This means those with a higher BMI will hold onto these metabolites for longer. Urine is by far the most common form of marijuana drug testing.

Blood tests

With blood tests, marijuana is typically detected at a much rapid rate. Within seconds of inhalation, weed can be identified in the bloodstream. It’s then distributed throughout the tissues. For infrequent users, it can be detected in the bloodstream for one or two days, while chronic users can be identified for over a month.

Saliva tests

Marijuana can also be detected in saliva. In the case of infrequent users, it will only be detected from one to three days after use. And for heavy users, it can be discovered for up to twenty-nine days. Weed can only be detected if a person has smoked or ingested marijuana.

Hair tests

Marijuana can enter hair follicles near your scale through tiny blood vessels. These traces can be identified for as long as ninety days.

What factors affect how long Cannabis stays in your body

A myriad of factors plays a role in how long weed will stay in your system. Significant factors such as body mass index (BMI), gender, and age affect how your body will process and metabolize the drug. The more healthy habits you have, such as drinking water, eating clean, and exercising, the better chance you’ll have of your body metabolizing the weed.

Another critical factor is how frequently you smoke weed and how much dosage you take. The more frequent and higher the dose, the longer it will take to leave your system. Weeds with higher THC and marijuana that have been ingested tend to stick around longer as well.

Final Thoughts

Getting marijuana out of your system can be a stressful process, especially if you’re under close time constraints. There are a few remedies to help flush the weed out of your system faster through weed detox kits. This usually occurs by diluting your urine and adding natural herbal supplements such as vitamin B-12 and creatine to mask this dilution.

And of course natural detox works such as exercising, avoiding high fat and sodium foods, drinking lots of water, tea and lemon juice. The best way to help you pass your drug test is to immediately stop smoking marijuana once you are informed of the testing.