Hands-On Review of the Hemper Cache Cup

Hemper cache cup Review

The Hemper Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray offers a discreet and odor-free solution for smokers who prefer to smoke in their vehicles. This innovative product caters to various types of smokers, including those who use cigarettes, joints, blunts, and glass. It stands out for its practicality and effectiveness in containing odors and providing a safer ashing experience.

Hemper Cache Cup Review

It’s only $9.99 On Their Site or $10.99 at Amazon Here

First Hand Experience at Burning Man with the Cache Cup

This year’s Burning Man was quite the adventure, especially with the unexpected rainy and muddy conditions. But amidst this chaos, the Hemper Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray was my little oasis of order and convenience.

Using it during my trip was a game-changer. Amidst the relentless rain and mud, it kept my smoking sessions discreet and tidy inside my vehicle. The odor-proof feature was a blessing, keeping my car from smelling like a festival campsite. Even in the messiest moments, when everything else was covered in mud, this ashtray remained a clean, dependable spot for a quick, stress-free smoke.

It was particularly handy during those sudden downpours. I’d retreat to my car, where the ashtray awaited in the cup holder, ready for use. It felt like a small luxury in the midst of the festival’s wild unpredictability. The durable design stood up to the rough conditions of Burning Man, and the compact size meant it didn’t take up much-needed space.

Hemper cache cup at burning man 2023

In short, the Hemper Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray was more than just a smoking accessory at Burning Man; it was a little piece of calm and cleanliness, a stark contrast to the muddy mayhem outside.

Why & Which Type of People Buy It?

At The THC Times, we’re always on the lookout for innovative products that make the lives of our readers easier and more enjoyable. When we came across the Hemper Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray, we knew we had to put it to the test. We reached out to five individuals from different walks of life, each with their unique smoking habits and needs, to give this product a try. They were asked to integrate the Cache Cup into their daily routines and share their experiences with us. Here’s what they had to say:

  • A Busy Professional:
    • Professionals who are constantly on the move and need to maintain a clean, odor-free environment in their car would find this ashtray invaluable.

Testimonial: “As a real estate agent, I’m always on the road meeting clients. The Hemper Cache Cup keeps my car smelling professional and clean. It has been a game-changer for maintaining a polished image.” – Jake, 34, Real Estate Agent

  • A Road Tripper:
    • Adventure seekers who love long drives and road trips would appreciate how this ashtray helps keep their vehicle clean and pleasant.

Testimonial: “My friends and I love road trips. This ashtray lets us enjoy our journey without worrying about the smell or mess. It’s our go-to accessory for every adventure.” – Mia, 28, Travel Blogger

  • A Discreet Parent:
    • Parents who seek a moment of relaxation but need to keep their car family-friendly and odor-free would find this product a perfect fit.

Testimonial: “As a parent, I need to be discreet. This ashtray fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder, allowing me to enjoy a moment to myself without leaving any trace. It’s a lifesaver for quick, stress-free breaks.” – Sarah, 39, Stay-at-Home Mom

  • A Music Festival Enthusiast:
    • Festival-goers who spend time in their cars during events would benefit from the discreet and clean smoking experience this ashtray offers.

Testimonial: “I attend a lot of music festivals and often camp out. Having this ashtray in my car helps me keep things tidy and odor-free, especially when I’m parked among other festival-goers.” – Carlos, 25, Musician

  • An Uber Driver:
    • Part-time drivers or gig workers who use their cars for work and need to keep them fresh and clean for passengers would find this ashtray very useful.

Testimonial: “I drive for Uber on the weekends and like to take a break between rides. This smokeless ashtray ensures my car stays fresh and clean for my passengers.” – Alisha, 31, Part-Time Uber Driver

Hemper Cache Cup Up Close


  • Completely odor-proof design
  • Heat resistant and durable
  • Convenient in-car use


  • Limited to car use
  • Requires regular cleaning

Product Specs:

Odor Proof Lid100% odor proof
DurabilityTapered pyramid-shaped poker
StorageLidded storage for accessories
CompatibilityFits all standard cup holders
Special DesignTapered pyramid shaped poker

Top 10 Usage Scenarios With the Cache Cup:

  1. Drive-Thru Discretion: Imagine pulling up to a fast-food drive-thru, puffing away, and nobody’s the wiser because this ashtray keeps everything so discreet. The staff handed me my fries with no clue about the mini hotbox session I just had.
  2. Parental Stealth Mode: Picture this – you’re parked in the driveway, about to head inside to a family gathering. Quick sesh in the car? No problem. This ashtray makes sure you walk in smelling like innocence and not your latest strain.
  3. Traffic Jam Chill: Stuck in traffic can be a drag, but not with this ashtray. I’ve had a few laughs lighting up while everyone else is honking and stressing. It’s like my little peaceful bubble in the chaos.
  4. Sneaky Movie Night: Picture this: you’re at a drive-in movie, parked between families in minivans. While they’re munching on popcorn, you’re stealthily enjoying your favorite herb with the ashtray, all without anyone suspecting a thing. It’s like having a private 4D experience with added aromas!
  5. Impromptu Carpool Camouflage: Imagine you’re in a carpool and it’s your turn to drive. You take a quick puff before picking up your colleagues. Thanks to the ashtray, your car smells like a fresh pine forest instead of a cannabis café, and your carpool buddies are none the wiser.
  6. Traffic Light Tokes: There you are, stopped at a long red light, feeling a bit bored. You decide it’s the perfect time for a quick hit. Just as you exhale, the light turns green, and you drive off in a cloud of satisfaction, leaving a trail of confusion and envy in your wake.
  7. Undercover Concert Warm-up: You’re waiting in the car park before a concert, getting into the vibe. With the smokeless ashtray, you turn your car into a pre-show backstage, jamming to the band’s tunes without drawing any unwanted attention.
  8. Secret Santa Sesh: It’s the holiday season, and you’re out doing last-minute gift shopping. Between stores, you sneak in a little cheer with your ashtray, making the holiday rush feel more like a jolly sleigh ride.
  9. Petrol Station Puff: You’re at the gas station filling up, and it’s taking forever. A discreet toke from your ashtray makes the mundane task a bit more bearable – just make sure you’re a safe distance from the pumps!
  10. Nature Trail Tailgate: After a long hike, you return to your car, nestled in nature. Before heading home, you relax with your ashtray, blending the great outdoors with some herbal relaxation, all while keeping it incognito from the nearby wildlife.

Final Thoughts with a Chuckle: Every stoner who’s had to sneak a toke in less-than-ideal situations will appreciate the humor and convenience of the Hemper Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray. It’s not just a tool; it’s a companion for those hilarious, slightly rebellious moments we all cherish. Just remember to smoke responsibly and keep it legal, folks!

It’s only $9.99 On Their Site or $10.99 at Amazon Here

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