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Grasscity, a brand name most stoners would likely know. They were founded in Amsterdam in 2000, and have been around a lot longer than most of their competitors. They were recently acquired by High Tide Inc, a company based in Canada.

With over 1 million orders placed through their website, and over 650,000 users signed up to their forum, Grasscity is a dominant brand within the cannabis industry. How exactly have they done this, and how do they set themselves apart? In a word – range. Their online range of products is extensive.


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At the time of writing, Grasscity has 476 bongs, 65 dab rigs, 93 bubblers, 275 pipes, 43 vaporizers and 99 grinders. We’ll be choosing our favorite best value and high-end pieces for the following categories.

BongsDab Rigs

Grasscity Bongs

Best Value

I love an ice bong, so for that reason the best value Grasscity bong goes to the Glass Straight Mini Ice Bong. It’s 7.9in high (20cm), so it’s big enough to feel like a real bong, but small enough that it can be taken with you. It’s made from borosilicate glass, so you can travel with it without worrying (too much) about breaking it.

There’s notches in the stem, so if you pop a few ice cubes in they’ll stay out of the water, meaning they won’t melt as quick and will cool your hits better. The base is flat but isn’t very large, so this bong can be prone to falling over if knocked.

It comes with two designs, one being an Anonymous looking mask, the other being a mandala. Unfortunately you can’t pick which design you’d like however, as the website says random logo depending on availability.

We wrote this review before trying out the Grasscity Bongs 4 arm perc. For something in between best value and best high-end, we couldn’t recommend this bong more.

grasscity best value bong

Best High-End

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We’ve chosen another ice bong for best high-end, the Black Leaf beaker ice bong boxed set. This box set bong has all the same features of best value, plus a load more. It comes with a herb bowl, glass banger, and a glass steamroller pipe.

The bong features the same notches to allow ice to sit towards the top. A pre-cooler is also included, so the smoke is filtered before it even reaches your bong water. To add even more filtration, it has a drum percolator, slitted diffuser and slitted splashguard. If you’re looking for smooth bong hits then this is the bong for you. Obviously all these features come with a higher price tag however.

We’ve Reviewed the Dr Dabber Switch

Grasscity Dab Rigs

Best Value

Our pick goes to the Glasscity glass beaker dab rig. It has everything you need, featuring a showerhead diffuser percolator and standard 14.5mm connection for the included glass banger.

It’s 6.9 inches tall (17.5cm) so it’s definitely on the smaller size. It also doesn’t have as much of a filtration system as other rigs, however the showerhead perc provides sufficient diffusion to keep your hits from being too harsh.

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Best High-End

Grav Labs’ direct inject nano 8-arm takes the cake for best high-end dab rig. It’s made from borosilicate glass in Austin, Texas. It’s 11 inches tall (27.9cm) and has 4mm thick glass. The base has a lot of weight to it, meaning tipping it over shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

The rig features an 8-arm tree percolator, meaning the smoke is evenly distributed through 8 separate arms, providing maximum filtration and percolation.

grav labs direct inject nano 8-arm

Grasscity Bubblers

Best Value

Grasscity’s own brand Glasscity wins this one with the handheld bubbler with drum percolator. This bubbler is closer to a pipe than dab-rig, with its compact design and size.

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Although it works best with water, you can use it without too. The drum perc will provide some filtration, but won’t be able to cool the smoke the way water does.

Best High-End

We’re awarding the Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship as the best high-end bubbler. It has Snoop Dogg’s name on it, so you know the quality is there. It’s 6.5 inches tall (16.5cm) and the glass is half a centimeter thick. It also features a showerhead percolator.

This thing is very weighty and you’d have trouble ever knocking it over. Due to its small size however you’ll likely need to either bend your head down to use it, or pick it up. The Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship comes with a vapor dome and quartz banger. Although its meant for concentrates, it can also be used with flower. The neck and mouth piece also have a nice and high-end feel to them.

Grasscity Pipes

Best Value

This is a tough one to choose because most of the cheaper pipes are very similar. We’ve chosen the dugout pipe as its different to most others. These things are literally ideal for going on hikes with. You get a wooden box and a metal one-hitter pipe. Simply slide the lid, remove the one-hitter pipe and fill the dugout with weed. Grab the one hitter, stamp it into the weed and it’ll be ready to go.

The design makes it very hard for the weed to fall out of the pipe, so hiking and one-hitters are a match made in heaven. The only downside with these is that the pipe can get hot very quickly if used repeatedly.

Best High-End

Not necessarily “high-end” however the six shooter pipe is more expensive than your average pipe. If you’ve never seen it before, its design is based off a revolver chamber. For a general day-to-day pipe, there’s probably better choices out there, however this pipe has a great novelty side to it. You can grab a few friends, fill up 5 of the chambers, then roll a dice to see how many times you need to turn the chamber. If the chamber is full then you smoke it, if not then you pass it to the next person. To add another layer to the game, fill different chambers with different strains.

The pipe comes apart easily for cleaning, and overall it feels good in your hand. Just don’t have any expectations of premium filtration and you won’t be disappointed with this pipe.

grasscity six shooter pipe

Grasscity Vaporizers

Best Value

Vaporizers are a difficult category to choose a best value for, as cheaper generally means cheaper internal electronics for battery life, charging time and functionality. That said, the Cheech and Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer is a good middle ground between price and functionality.

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It comes with a 950 mAh battery, significantly less than the Pax 3’s battery size of 3500 mAh. It’s still large enough to get a decent sesh out of it, but means you’ll need to remember to charge it more often. It works with waxes and oils, and doesn’t require you to continually buy disposable pods that fit the vaporizer. This allows you to use any oil or wax you like, but also means you need to refill it yourself.

Overall the vape is very portable and light, and makes for a great travel companion on hikes.

Best High-End

We’ve already written a review of the Pax vaporizer, so check that out in full if you want more details. For best high-end vape we can’t go passed the Pax. Given the different models and versions available, there’s different prices to suit most peoples budget, if you’re looking to get an upgrade on your current vape pen.

Their battery life and versatility are superior, and all versions offer a minimum of 2 years warranty to give you peace of mind.

Grasscity Grinders

Best Value

Our recommendation for best value grinder from Grasscity would be the aluminium 4-part grinder. It’s not the cheapest option they have, but it does a great job for the price. If you’re a regular smoker, having a 4 part grinder is an essential. This allows your kief to collect in the last chamber, adding an extra punch to your hits when you like.

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This grinder has a magnetic lid, so that’s one less compartment you need to screw on/off all the time. It doesn’t have a crank, which some people love and some people hate. I prefer it, only because I’ve had a few cranks snap on me before. This was definitely my own fault though for forcing the grinder too hard.

Best High-End

If you thought all grinders were more or less the same, you would be wrong. The SLX non-stick grinder is one of the best on the market. As the name suggests, its non-stick coating means it’s far easier to scrape any kief out, from any of the chambers.

Only the bottom chamber has a thread, with the other two magnetized together. This makes use a lot easier in general. You might think having to unscrew something isn’t a problem, but doing it repeatedly for multiple chambers can get annoying. The reduced number of threads means there’s also less places for your kief or pollen to get stuck into.

The teeth are razor sharp, and the material is aerospace aluminium. So what’s the downside to all this? You could buy a decent bong for the price of this grinder. If you are looking to spend the money however, the SLX aluminium grinder is a great choice.

slx grinder
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