Elizabeth Warren Cannabis – 2020 Front Runner Series – Part 2

Elizabeth Warren Cannabis

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Wondering where Elizabeth Warren stands on cannabis? We’ve summarized her cannabis policy for you, as part of our 2020 front runner series.

Who Is Elizabeth Warren?

Somewhat unknown until recently (except in Massachusetts), her polling has been increasing steadily over the last few months. She’s currently polling second behind Joe Biden in most polls, however some polls are seeing her take a slight lead. Warren’s support has been on an upward trend, and if continued, will likely see her be the Democratic nomination for 2020.

Elizabeth Warren is seen as one of the more progressive candidates amongst the large pool of democratic presidential hopefuls. Her signature policy focuses on the growing wealth gap, with the plan to introduce an “ultra-rich” tax. Another aspect of her plan to decrease the wealth gap would be to wipe out student debt for 42 million Americans. Her policy plans around cannabis are also very progressive.

Elizabeth Warren Cannabis

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Elizabeth Warren’s Cannabis Policy

On her official website elizabethwarren.com there doesn’t appear to be any sections dedicated to cannabis. There is however a sentence talking about the war on drugs, with a link to a HuffPost article.

“It starts with legalizing marijuana…”

The page title of the above link from her website is “Elizabeth Warren Reiterates Support For Marijuana Legalization”. The article talks about her support for legalizing marijuana, but like her website, lacks a lot of details. Apart from the single sentence quoted above, there appears to be only one other mention of the word marijuana on her official website.

Although the limited details of her plans for cannabis legalization, Warren has been vocal about her support for cannabis legalization in other ways. In March 2019 she tweeted her support for Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act.

What Does This Mean?

Senator Warren currently appears to be fully behind legalizing cannabis federally, however her views were not always so supportive. Back in 2016 she remained dubious to her home state of Massachusetts legalizing recreationally. Warren did however confirm that she voted in support of legalization [1].

In March 2017 she was also one of only 11 senators to sign a letter to Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General at the time, stating their concern around rumors the federal government may overrule individual states legalizing cannabis [2]. The other 10 senators were Lisa Murkowski, Patty Murray, Ron Wyden, Jeffrey A. Merkley, Maria Cantwell, Edward J. Markey, Brian Schatz, Catherine Cortez Masto, Cory A. Booker and Michael F. Bennet.

Those rumors initiated from Sean Spicer, the then Press Secretary never amounted to anything. Whether that co-signed letter was a contributing factor remain unclear, however Senator Warren’s signature clearly indicates her support.

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Elizabeth Warren currently looks like the countries best chance for legalizing cannabis federally. What do you think of Elizabeth Warren’s stance around cannabis? Click here for part 1 of the series.

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