E1011 Iven Device Dry Herb Vaporizer Review & Unboxing

E1011 Iven Device Review

Throughout my journey in the world of vapes, I’ve seen and tried a multitude of devices. Some were hits, others? Not so much. The Iven Device Dry Herb Vaporizer from E1011 Labs recently caught my eye, and I knew I had to get my hands on it. So, I did! This review dives deep into every aspect of the Iven Device, from its sleek design to its performance, giving you a full 360-degree look. So, let’s heat up this review!

The Aesthetics and Build Quality:

Design: The Iven is a stunner. With a sleek aluminum finish, it doesn’t just look premium, it feels premium. The gunmetal color exudes class, making it both a functional and a stylish accessory. At 4.29″ in length, it’s compact enough to be discreet but substantial enough to feel good in hand.

Durability: Designed with high-quality, heat-resistant materials, the Iven promises a long-lasting experience. And from my time with it, this device feels solid. It’s the kind of durability you want in a daily-use item.

Usability & Performance:

One-Click Control: This is where the Iven really stands out. No more navigating through complicated button sequences. One click and you’re in. For a person like me, who just wants to get straight to the vaping, this is a godsend.

Charging & Battery: Equipped with a Type-C charging port, the Iven powers up fast. Its 880mAh battery capacity ensures that once it’s charged, it stays charged. Throughout my testing, I never once felt like I was tethered to the charger.

Heating and Vapor Quality: The convection heating system is top-notch. The Iven manages to heat the herb without combusting it, producing a clean, flavorful vapor. With its four temperature settings, I could fine-tune my sessions according to my mood.

Unique Features and Technology:

Power Meets Flower: The Iven isn’t just another vaporizer. It’s the product of intensive research and development, with the aim to perfect the art of vaporization. This device heats the flower to optimal temperatures, fully releasing cannabinoids, and ensuring you’re not inhaling harmful carcinogens. It’s clear: E1011 Labs is setting the standard for the heat-not-burn industry.

Safety Features: One underrated aspect of the Iven is its focus on safety. The device is built with heat-resistant materials, ensuring peace of mind with every session. Plus, its construction ensures the vapor produced is clean and free of harmful substances.

Iven Device Heating Chamber

For the Newbies:

If you’re new to the world of vaporization, you might be wondering, “Is the Iven for me?” From my experience, absolutely. Its user-friendly design, combined with its safety features, makes it perfect for both beginners and seasoned vapers alike. The Iven is not just a device; it’s an invitation to experience vaporization at its finest.

In-Depth Experience:

The first time I loaded up the Iven, the process was seamless. Removing the mouthpiece revealed the heating chamber, into which I loaded my medium-ground herb. Replacing the mouthpiece and powering on the device, I felt like a kid with a new toy.

The adjustable airflow allowed me to tweak my experience, from a tight draw to a more open, airy pull. The vapor quality was consistently smooth, and the flavor profile of the herb came through beautifully. There’s something to be said about a device that lets the herb shine in its natural glory.

During my sessions, the Iven’s haptic feedback ensured I was always in the loop. Soft vibrations signaled when it reached my chosen temperature, allowing me to focus on the experience rather than constantly checking the device.


  • Super intuitive one-click control.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Efficient convection heating.
  • Durable build and design.
  • Quick Type-C charging.


  • Only one color option. Would be rad to see some more in the future.
  • Might be a tad pricey for some, but you’re paying for quality.

Does E1011 Offer Promo Codes?

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The Iven Dry Herb Vaporizer by E1011 Labs Device is a masterpiece. Combining an elegant design with top-tier performance, it’s clear that this device is the result of thoughtful engineering and a genuine passion for the art of vaporization.

In a market flooded with vaporizers, the Iven manages to stand tall. Its focus on user experience, combined with its technological prowess, makes it a standout product. Whether you’re just starting your vaporization journey or have been vaping for years, the Iven is a worthy companion.

For those seeking a modern, efficient, and stylish way to enjoy their herbs, the Iven is a no-brainer. It’s more than just a vaporizer; it’s an experience. And from one herbal enthusiast to another, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.


Zak Voss, the founder of The THC Times, brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, blending his engineering background with extensive legal and technical expertise. Renowned for his consultancy in cannabis legalities and indoor growing environments, Zak is a vital guide for navigating the complex cannabis landscape.