Davinci IQ 2 Review

Davinci IQ 2 Review

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It’s time to review the Davinci IQ 2. The successor to the original IQ. A lot has changed. A lot has stayed the same. Let’s go through it all.

  1. Unboxing
  2. Vapor Quality
  3. Air Path
  4. Versatility
  5. Water Bubbler
  6. Dosage
  7. Capacity
  8. Size & Weight
  9. Charging
  10. Battery
  11. Heat-up Time
  12. Temperature Control
  13. Screen
  14. Colors
  15. Smartphone App
  16. Warranty
  17. Cleaning
  18. Price
  19. Summary


Let’s kick this review off by starting with the box for the Davinci IQ 2. It’s got two fold out sides, and a draw with your accessories in it. See below for 100% accurate representation of the box.

Within the box contains:

  • Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer (obviously)
  • Removable and rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • 10mm bubbler adapter
  • 0.2g dosage pod
  • Pick tool
  • Ceramic extract tab
Davinci IQ 2

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Vapor Quality

Arguably the most important feature for a vaporizer is the vapor quality itself. The Davinci IQ 2 does not disappoint here. The vapor quality is great, likely to please all users from flavor snobs to cloud enthusiasts. A solid 5 star vapor quality experience.

I would have to rate it the same as the FireFly 2+ for vapor quality, which was my previous favorite portable vape for the vapor quality. I’m sure that there is still room for improvement in the future with the vapor quality, but right now I’d have a hard time describing any improvements that I’d like to see.

Air Path

This is a big one. This is one of the best features (in my opinion) that’s a new addition to the IQ 2. The Davinci IQ 2 comes with an adjustable air flow dial at the bottom. A lot of portable vaporizers feel like you’re sucking through a clogged straw. This air flow dial gets rid of that – or, adds it, if you so desire.

The dial comes with five different levels, all the way from clogged straw to wind tunnel. This dial gives you another element of control to the vape.


Yes, the Davinci IQ 2 works with both extracts and dry herb. This is a new feature as the original IQ could not be used for extracts. Technically, it could be, however it wasn’t officially supported, so you’d get a sub-par experience at best.

Using the extract tab is very easy and straightforward if you’re a regular concentrates user (or want to be).

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Water Bubbler

The coolest accessory to come with the IQ2 is the water bubbler. I’ve only bothered using it a few times to be honest, but I do enjoy having the option there. Just fill it with water, place on your vape and then use like normal. This will cool your hits just that little bit more. It does make the portable vape a little less portable, but having it lying in your cupboard at home can be handy.


I kind of shrugged this feature off when I first head about it, thinking it’d only be good for medicinal users. I was wrong.

Every seasoned stoner likes to think that they know their limits. We all like to think we can handle another bowl or chamber before meeting friends for brunch, but too often we’d end up sitting their sipping our mango smoothie while not saying anything for 45 minutes. Or is that just me?

Having dosage control takes all the guess work out of the equation. You can set it through the smartphone app, and set up alerts for when you’ve reached your sessions dosage. This is a truly amazing feature.

Davinci IQ 2 Review


This review of the Davinci IQ 2 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its capacity. Straight from the side of the box, the oven can fit 0.5g of dry herb. This is compared to the 0.3g size of the Pax 3 oven, which is still a decent size, although only 60% of the size of the IQ 2’s chamber. The dosage pod can be used for 0.2g sessions.

Size & Weight

The IQ 2 is (almost) identical in size to the original IQ. It measures 3.61″L x 0.97″H x 1.75″W (9.2 x 2.5 x 4.5 centimeters) – measurements taken from Davinci website. It does weigh slightly less though, at 5.6 oz (159 g), compared to 6 oz (170 g) of the original. This is still significantly more than the Pax 3, and a bit heavier than the 2+.

Davinci IQ 2FireFly 2+Pax 3
Length (in / cm)3.61 / 9.25.1 / 13.03.9 / 9.9
Height (in / cm)0.97 / 2.51.0 / 2.50.9 / 2.3
Width (in / cm)1.75 / 4.51.6 / 4.11.2 / 3.0
Weight (oz / g)5.6 / 1594.9 / 1403.4 / 95


If charging the battery within the Davinci vaporizer, it will take about 6 hours to charge fully. The battery can be charged externally (i.e. removed from the device). I haven’t tried this, but it says on the Davinci website that it would charge in less time through an external charger. How much less would likely be down to the charger that you have.


Like the original, the Davinci IQ 2 comes with removable batteries. The battery is a lithium-ion cell of type 18650. As stated above, these batteries can be charged while inserted in the Davinci, or externally. If you are looking to charge externally though, keep in mind that the 18650 IS NOT the same size as a double A. The 18650 gets its name as it’s 18mm x 65mm. This is slightly larger than a double A at 14.5mm x 50.5mm.

Davinci claims that the battery will last you an hour of use on their website. What an hour of use actually means though will change depending on a number of factors. Overall the battery life is good. It’s on par with the Pax 3, and better than the FireFly 2+. The Arizer Solo 2 battery beats it hands down, but that device doesn’t have removable batteries like the IQ2.

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Heat-up Time

From the Davinci website, it states the heat up time is less than a minute. I’d assume they’ve stated this as a “worst case scenario”, because in reality I found the device to heat up far quicker than that. On the IQ2 box though it does state a heat up time of 30 seconds which is closer to what I experienced. For a medium temperature setting you can expect the device to be ready to go in about 40 seconds.

In the vaping world where heat-up time is often used to score points against other similar vaporizer’s, I find it strange that they have opted to write down a time that seems longer than actual on their website. Obviously there could be legal reasons that I’m not aware of.

For comparison though, the FireFly 2+ states a heat up time of 3 seconds. Now that device is quick, but it’s not that quick. Maybe if you’re heating to the lowest setting, and the device has been used recently it might be, but apart from that, it’s longer than 3 seconds.

Anyway, don’t let this perceivably longer heat-up time put you off. It’s not the quickest to heat up by a long shot, but it also doesn’t take 20 times longer than the FireFly 2+ as the numbers might suggest.

Temperature Control

Like all good vapes, the IQ2 can be controlled to one degree accuracy. It has a total temperature range from 100 – 430°F (38 – 222°C). That’s a very decent range to choose from. And no, the 100°F is not a typo. I tried vaping on the lowest setting, but didn’t really notice anything happening. I only briefly had it set to 100°F though, before thinking nothing was happening, and then turning the temperature up. Even so, you’ve got those ultra low temperatures available if you love tasting all the flavors in your vapor.

For comparison, the FireFly 2+ and Pax 3 temperature ranges are:

  • FireFly 2+ = 200 – 500°F (93 – 260°C)
  • Pax 3 = 360 – 420°F (182 – 216°C)

The IQ2 comes with Smart Path mode, which I found to be a useful feature and not just a gimmick. This mode essentially increases your vaping temperature during your session. The goal of this is to vaporize your herb in the most efficient way possible.

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So it’s not exactly a screen, but the Davinci IQ 2 features the same 51 LED lights display that the original does. It displays the necessary info of temperature and battery life, while also displaying your draw time, dosage and more.

If you want to get more detailed with the numbers then using the smartphone app will help. For the basics though, the LED display works great while not taking away from the overall minimalistic design.

Davinci IQ 2 Colors

The Davinci IQ 2 comes in four colors:

  • Onyx (black)
  • Graphite (gray)
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Cobalt (blue-gray)

All four colors come in an aluminum brushed finish, similar to that on the Pax. I don’t know if I’m just a brushed metal fan (if that’s a thing), but the Davinci IQ2 and Pax 2 & 3 are my favorite looking vaporizers. I do like the overall look of the Pax vaporizer slightly more though.

Smartphone App

To take full advantage of all the features the Davinci IQ 2 has to offer, you’ll need to download the smartphone app. Unfortunately though, if you have an iPhone you won’t be able to access the app currently. Due to vaping deaths likely from black market cartridges, Apple responded with banning all vaping related apps from their app store. How long this ban will be in place is currently unknown.

If you’re an Android user though, fear not as the app is still available to you. You can input your strain type and the percentage of THC and CBD for tracking your dosage. You can also input your target values of THC and/or CBD for your session. Once you’ve reached those targets, both your app and LED screen on the device will let you know.

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I’m not a medicinal user. I enjoy cannabis purely recreationally. Even so, I now track my dosage every single time I use my IQ2. As I explained in the dosage section above, it gives me a far better indication of how high I actually am, as I was previously finding myself in social situations that I was basically too high to function properly. That’s still a regular occurrence for me, but that’s now due to choice instead of overestimating my tolerance.


Now when it comes to warranty is where things get interesting. And we mean interesting good. The Davinci IQ 2 comes with a 10 year warranty. This is also the same level of cover given to the original IQ, and the Pax. 10 years is a very long time. You might even say it’s a decade of time. But what does the warranty actually cover?

The 10 year warranty covers against defects from workmanship and materials, provided it’s deemed “normal use“. This does not cover battery degradation, hinge damage through wear and tear, or the mouthpiece. It also doesn’t cover accessories, or due to neglecting cleaning instructions.

It’s also not covered by any damage due to accidents or tampering with the device. It all sounds like pretty standard stuff. If the bit about the battery not being covered is turning you off, just remember that the battery is fully replaceable. Not just replaceable, but replaceable with non-brand specific batteries that you can buy anywhere.

Cleaning the Davinci IQ 2

You will need to clean your IQ 2 from time to time. Luckily to clean the vape is a breeze. The recommended method of cleaning is to simply soak the mouthpiece and flavor chamber in isopropyl alcohol. With the top flipped open, you can remove the pick tool that lives inside the vape. Then you can use the pick to remove your flavor chamber. Leave the pieces to soak for a few hours, then rinse and let dry.

To clean the oven make sure you scrape out any remaining herb from inside, and save it in your AVB collection. Dip a Q-tip in your cleaning alcohol, then give your oven surfaces a decent rub over. Voila, your IQ2 should be all clean and (almost) ready to go.

There is also a “burn off” mode for the vaporizer, which should be used after every clean. This ensures any remaining cleaning products are burnt off, as vaporizing these can’t be good for your health.


Now for the price. The biggest downside to this review of the Davinci IQ 2. This isn’t the cheapest portable vape you can buy. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive (at time of writing). From the official website they’re currently retailing for just under $300. This is more than comparable vaporizers like the Pax 3 or FireFly 2+.

In my opinion though, it’s better. Not by a huge amount, but by enough to confidently call it better. Whether the small increase in price is worth the small increase in quality though is up to you.

Davinci IQ 2 Summary

Overall, this review of the Davinci IQ 2 has been very positive. That’s because (in my opinion) there aren’t really any negatives to report on. It’s a great vaporizer without a big enough flaw to turn the average person off. The most likely turn-off would be the price.

There are a lot of cheaper portable vaporizers out there that essentially achieve the same end result of getting you high. There aren’t many portable vaporizers out there with a higher price tag. This is very much a premium product though, which is accompanied with a premium price. If you’re looking for a premium portable vape experience, I can very much recommend the Davinci IQ 2.

Zak Voss, the founder of The THC Times, brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, blending his engineering background with extensive legal and technical expertise. Renowned for his consultancy in cannabis legalities and indoor growing environments, Zak is a vital guide for navigating the complex cannabis landscape.