Friday, September 25, 2020
is marijuana legal in Hungary

Is Marijuana Legal In Hungary?

The land of paprika, thermal baths, and a declining democracy. Hungary is the only EU nation to not be declared a full democracy by Freedom House (a US government-funded...
is weed legal in Russia

Is Weed Legal In Russia?

So Russia huh. For seemingly as long as anyone can remember, Vladimir Putin has been President or Prime Minister and has ruled Russia entirely as he has seen fit....
is marijuana legal in India

Is Marijuana Legal In India?

India has chartered much of the course of human history, with scientific achievements and cultural marvels, distinct from many of their geographic neighbors. They have developed fine cuisines, and...
is weed legal in Argentina

Is Weed Legal In Argentina?

Argentina is a big country filled with people, nature, music, and weed. It's the eighth-largest country in the world, clocking in at 1,073,518 mi2 (2,780,400 km2). It's also the...
is weed legal in Belize

Is Weed Legal In Belize?

Belize is one of those interesting countries where cannabis legality is a yes and no situation. Though there are some somewhat legal ways to smoke weed in Belize, it...
is weed legal in Colombia

Is Weed Legal In Colombia?

The Republic of Colombia is a bountiful north-western nation of South America. It is renowned for its year-round perfect weather and its immense natural beauty. But at one time,...

Is Weed Legal In Fiji?

Fiji is a popular tropical tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean. It's not particularly known for its weed tourism like Jamaica, but it also isn't quite as taboo as...
is CBD oil legal in all states

Is CBD Oil Legal In All States?

Ahhh CBD, the straight edge younger brother of THC. In recent years CBD has been sweeping across the country due to its plethora of benefits. While a lot of...
is weed legal in Finland

Is Weed Legal In Finland?

Finland is often ranked as the happiest country in the world. It's a country full of lakes, wildlife, and more lakes. It's also a country that's making some decent...
is weed legal in Switzerland

Is Weed Legal In Switzerland?

Is weed legal in Switzerland? Well, unlike a number of countries, this isn’t a simple yes or no answer. There are a few unclear aspects of the cannabis laws...

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