Is Weed Legal In Fiji?

Fiji is a popular tropical tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean. It's not particularly known for its weed tourism like Jamaica, but it also isn't quite as taboo as other places like Cuba. So...
is weed legal in Ethiopia

Is Weed Legal In Ethiopia?

Ethiopia may not be the hotspot tourist destination everyone's talking about, but as far as Africa is concerned, it's a pretty big player. Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline in Africa, and is the...
is weed legal in Slovenia

Is Weed Legal In Slovenia?

Beautiful Slovenia. One of the more overlooked European nations in my humble opinion. It's also the first former Yugoslavian country that we have covered. While it misses a lot of the attention that Italy,...
is weed legal in France

Is Weed Legal In France?

France is home to some very strict weed laws. At least on paper anyway. Despite this, recreational use is prevalent throughout the country, earning it the number four spot for monthly consumption within the...
is marijuana legal in Iceland

Is Marijuana Legal In Iceland?

Iceland smokes more marijuana per capita than any other country. Interestingly, marijuana is not legal in Iceland for recreational use. Its small population of roughly 360,000 does make it easier for the country to...
weed in Saudi Arabia

Is Weed Legal in Saudi Arabia?

For the THC travelers out there, Saudi Arabia likely isn't on your list. And for good reason too, as weed in Saudi Arabia is not looked favorably upon, similar to alcohol. Marijuana, or hashish...
is weed legal in Finland

Is Weed Legal In Finland?

Finland is often ranked as the happiest country in the world. It's a country full of lakes, wildlife, and more lakes. It's also a country that's making some decent progress around cannabis reform. While...
weed in Australian Capital Territory

Is Weed Legal in Australian Capital Territory – Australia Series

This is part 4 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We're talking about weed in the Australian Capital Territory, the smallest region in Australia and home to Canberra. Ok, technically Jervis...
is weed legal in Curacao

Is Weed Legal In Curacao?

Curaçao is the most populated island that makes up the Dutch Caribbean. Sitting east of Aruba, this constituent country is also the largest in the group, with an area around 2.5 times the size...
is weed legal in Kenya

Is Weed Legal in Kenya?

Kenya is a rapidly growing country with a population that has increased over 500% since 1960. With that growing population has come a growing user base for cannabis. According to Kenya’s Narcotic Drugs and...