is weed legal in Cyprus

Is Weed Legal in Cyprus?

The Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus is a country filled with irresistible beaches, and instability. The country is either part of Europe or Asia (or both), depending on how you define it. Its capital,...
weed in Belarus

Weed in Belarus – The Cannabis Climate

Weed is not legal in Belarus, for either medical or recreational purposes. This article intends to explore how illegal cannabis is in Belarus, the overall acceptance and leniency towards it, and what the future...
is weed legal in New Zealand

Is Weed Legal In New Zealand?

Is weed legal in New Zealand? Medically, yes weed is legal in New Zealand. Recreationally, no weed is not legal in New Zealand. BUT, this could soon be changing. Like many other parts of...
is weed legal in Bangladesh

Is Weed Legal in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a South-Asian country with a lot of problems on its horizon. Specifically, the risks of flooding and rising sea levels (amongst other things). Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the...
is weed legal in Georgia country

Is Weed Legal in Georgia? (Country)

This article is about the country of Georgia, not the American state. The country of Georgia is part of the Caucus region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Depending on how you define Europe,...
is weed legal in Curacao

Is Weed Legal In Curacao?

CuraƧao is the most populated island that makes up the Dutch Caribbean. Sitting east of Aruba, this constituent country is also the largest in the group, with an area around 2.5 times the size...
is weed legal in Paraguay

Is Weed Legal in Paraguay?

Paraguay is one of only two landlocked countries in South America. It is one of the poorest nations on the continent, making its price of weed very cheap for travelers. Weed isn't legal in...
is weed legal in Germany

Is Weed Legal In Germany?

Though weed is technically not legal in Germany, it is far ahead of the curve when compared to most European countries. Germany has an impressive history when it comes to the sale, research and...
is weed legal in Cambodia

Is Weed Legal in Cambodia?

Cambodia is often thought of as the most cannabis-friendly country in South East Asia. Officially though, weed is not legal in Cambodia. But, foreigners and travelers can quite easily purchase weed, without too much...
is weed legal in Vanuatu

Is Weed Legal In Vanuatu?

Situated some 2,307 miles off the east coast of Australia, the island nation of Vanuatu will soon be seeing legal medical weed in their country. They will be joining a number of other Pacific...